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Roulette is a game given the name little wheel in French. People generally tend to recognise the wheel that’s used to play it due to its distinctive red and black pattern. It’s a popular game that was first played in 18th century France. It doesn’t matter whether it’s played in a land-based casino or online as roulette has remained a popular game, today, especially in London.

Playing Roulette in Land-Based London Casinos

The spinning of the roulette wheel is a common site a lot of us are familiar with, whether we’ve played the game or seen it being played in film or advert. As a result, in 30 land-based casinos in London, there is a variation of roulette available to play in each one of them.

The two most popular variants are the European and American versions of roulette. The European version has one green zero slot, which gives the house the advantage. The American version has two green slots, the zero and double zero, which further ups the house odds. 

However, the American version tends to be the one favoured by visitors to land-based casinos in London. But it’s the European one that is the game of choice for those that like to play live online roulette. 

Playing Roulette Online

Little changed for roulette, in terms of how it was played, until it went online. It opened up roulette to an audience like never before. Players had the option of spinning the wheel at any time of the day, and wherever they were, whenever they fancied a quick game. 

More people became aware they could play games like roulette when they were playing online. They were able to choose from video or live games. They could play at any time of the day or night at a mobile casino, without the need to travel. What’s more, there wasn’t much difference in playing the actual game at a land-based casino or mobile one.

Being online led to a variety of variants of roulette being made by game developers, including multi-wheel roulette games and multi-ball ones, too.

As the internet improved, so did roulette. It started to be live-streamed around the world. This move eventually added another dimension to online roulette playing that players quickly adapted to: the live dealer.

Having a live dealer online made the overall experience for players even more like being at a land-based casino. Developers realized having a live dealer was a game changer and set about incorporating this into their games. 

From the comfort of their sofas, players could see the dealer drop the ball onto the roulette wheel. The anticipation of not knowing where it would land only added to their excitement of playing.

But it doesn’t stop here because there are plenty of different offers as well that keep players coming back for more. These include free spins, welcome offers, friend referrals, happy hour and plenty more.

Although roulette hasn’t changed much over the years, in terms of its main components, it has moved with the times. With different variations and the introduction of online roulette, players are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of roulette they want to play and where. 

Its future is bright as game developers seek to keep it fresh and exciting to play. With the progression of immersive technology, the sky and beyond continue to be the limit for roulette.

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