Sandwell Council text residents they owed money for Council Tax after a “technical glitch”

Sandwell Council demanded money by mistake

The council put an apology on Facebook on Saturday but furious residents complained this had caused serious upset.

Sandwell Council blamed the errant text message on “technical issues”.

The council’s Facebook apology said: “We are sorry if you received an incorrect text message from us saying you were in arrears with your council tax.

“This was due to a technical issue and you shouldn’t have received the text if you’re not in arrears – please ignore the text if you are not in arrears.

“Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

However, the apology was not enough for residents who had spend days worrying about the message/.

Rebecca Love said: “Stressed me out. Would be easier if we could actually talk to a human being in regards to council tax rather than a robot or online.

Lisa Fones added: “That’s bad try explaining to a 83-year-old man who thinks he haven’t paid, shame on you Sandwell Council.”

Nicola Lloyd saw the message and paid the council believing her husband had not bothered to pay the bill.

She said: “I panicked as I thought hubby had forgot to pay so I paid it online. Couldn’t ask him as he’s driving at work all day. I’m fuming.

Marg Edwards added: “I had one too. Really worried me and tried to phone. Waste of time and money as can never get through. Thanks for text and this notice. Much relief.”

Jayne Marvin raised the problem of not being able to speak to anyone on the phone at Sandwell Council about the text message.

She said: “I had one, not happy been trying to speak to someone this afternoon, couldn’t get hold of anyone. Thought it was a scam as I knew I wasn’t in arrears.”

Sarah Powell was preparing herself for an argument with the Council after receiving the message.

She said: I had a text. Didn’t worry me to much they can’t have what I haven’t got. But is concerning. Would send others into a panic and mental breakdown with everything else on the rise.

“I was ready to have an argument Monday with them cos I thought I had a 12 month plan with them. Hope it don’t happen again.”

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