Scottish wife in cage after brutally murdering man ‘did not stop her’

A woman who brutally murdered her husband has been jailed for at least 18 years.

Lorna Middleton, 36, stabbed William Middleton, 38, in the heart at their apartment in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire on June 26, 2020.

Middleton was furious after claiming that William – known as Billy – had not “shuffled up” for her in a row she had with a young man.

She later remarked to officers: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Mother-of-four Middleton sobbed today as she was jailed for life at the High Court in Glasgow after being convicted of the murder charge following a September trial.

Lord Clark said he had increased the minimum sentence since the killing had taken place in a “domestic setting”.

Lorna Middleton was convicted at the High Court in Glasgow

The judge added: “Your evidence was that you did not remember committing this devastating and murderous attack.”

Juries heard how the Middletons had people in their apartment the night before the death.

Witnesses claimed Middleton got into a fight with stranger Kieran Spence.

It became more physical, and a bottle was apparently thrown by Middleton.

Neighbor James Long said Lorna later quarreled with William after he did not “back her up” in the argument.

The 32-year-old said he also saw Lorna hit William “a few times in the head”, but he did not respond.

He added: “They were good punches, not to knock him out, but he was more upset.

“When he was hit, he sat and cried.”

William briefly left the apartment before returning. He was eventually alone with his wife.

Long’s partner Samantha Jackson, 28, said she heard Lorna shout “help me” or “someone help me” about 20 minutes later.

PC Scott Trabathan and a colleague were dealing with another case as they tracked screaming to the couple’s apartment.

Officers had to force in, and prosecutor Derick Nelson asked PC Trabathan what they discovered.

He said: “I saw a man lying on the floor on his back without reacting with a woman lying next to him.

“She was lying next to the man holding him in her arms and screaming.”

Middleton was arrested and detained at a police station.

While she was there, she said to an officer, ‘How is my husband, he’s dead, I know he’s dead, just tell me.’ “

Clydebank murder victim Billy Middleton with his wife Lorna
Lorna Middleton stabbed Billy

She also referred to “revenge is a rather served cold”.

William died of a stab wound to the chest. His other injuries included a broken neck, a broken rib and scratches on his face.

Middleton told jurors as evidence that she was attacked by her husband when they were left alone in the apartment.

She claimed she was trying to walk out of him after he apparently returned on a decision to move to Dumbarton.

Middleton claimed she tried to leave the apartment but was grabbed by the hair of Billy, who allegedly beat her.

She claimed her next memory lay on the floor next to her bleeding husband.

But Middleton – who already had a conviction for violence – insisted on having no recollection of how it happened.

Victoria Young, who is defending, said today: “She has shown considerable remorse, which appears to be genuine. She has been fighting since she was in the prison environment.”


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