Shared values ​​that shaped the West are at risk | Comment

A fractured French identity has put Marine Le Pen closer than ever to the Élysée


There is little doubt that under the avalanche of misery and death spewed out by the Russian armed forces a new and stronger sense of Ukrainian nationhood is taking shape. Citizens from all regions and of all backgrounds have come together. In the resilience of Kharkiv, the defense of Kyiv, the refusal to abandon Kherson and in the fires of ruined Mariupol, an enduring national identity is being forged.

If Ukraine can continue the near-miracle of holding off Putin’s war machine, its people will celebrate for generations the ingenuity and defiance of their common defense while mourning the many thousands already killed in performing it. And their knowledge of hideous war crimes committed against their compatriots will make their determination never to be Russian burn

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