Sharks and seahorses discovered living in the Thames

A new report on the Thames has found that a number of sea creatures have lived in the London River – including sharks.

64 years after the Thames was declared biologically dead, research has discovered that poisonous sharks have bred and lived in the river.

It has also revealed that seahorses, seals and oysters have also lived along the Thames.

The venomous shark is thought to be the Spurdog Shark, which swims in shoals and has two fins that release venom, which can cause swelling and extreme discomfort to humans.

Research has found a number of marine animals living in the Thames. (ON)

Although the Thames was declared biologically dead, the Zoological Society of London has now found 115 fish species and 92 bird species across the 600 acres of salt marsh.

What did the research find out?

New research has also shown that critically endangered marine animals are slowly beginning to return.

Those working on the research hope it will help them build on the future of the Thames and help the creatures found in the estuary.

Alison Debney of ZSL said that “Estuaries are one of our neglected and endangered ecosystems.

“This report has allowed us to really look at how far the Thames has come on its journey to recovery since it was declared biologically dead, and in some cases set baselines to build on in the future.”

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