Siblingship Ahoy For The Delaneys! Xander And Rose Learn The Truth

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Trend carefully, Rose and Xander, in your newfound siblingship with Jasmine – After a couple of disastrous trips to see Jasmine, Xander concludes that she doesn’t want her inheritance and that it’s time for him and Rose to leave. However, Rose is the one who ends up being the saving grace. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Rose ends up stopping a thief from robbing the Diner’s till. She performs what Cash believes to be a citizen’s arrest until she drops the other shoe; she’s a cop too. That’s Constable Rose Delaney to you, Cash.

Cash, upon seeing her last name, questions if she is in any relation to Jasmine. Rose reveals that she is. As they talk, the conversation of their dad comes up.

Cash reveals to Rose what Jasmine had told him about her dad abandoning her at the school gate when she was six. He also mentions that Jasmine’s mother died when she was young, leaving her with her dad. Rose tells him that she thought Jasmine’s mother and their dad had “drifted apart.”

Upon realising that Cash is telling the truth, Rose returns to Xander and reveals what Cash told her about their dad. At first, Xander doesn’t believe it. However, knowing his sister, he realises there is the truth behind her words. In the end, he questions what they should do next. Rose says they should stay in the Bay, indirectly referring to working on their siblingship with their new big sister.

At home, Jasmine is happy because she thinks Xander and Rose have left. However, there is a knock on the front door, and it’s Rose and Xander, revealing they’ve decided to stay to work on their siblingship. This ought to be good. The trio aren’t done here. Though, that still begs the question of how and why Jasmine leaves the Bay.

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