Sir Keir Starmer says accusations against Prime Minister Stanley Johnson’s father should be ‘fully investigated’ | Politics news

Accusations of inappropriate contact with Prime Minister Stanley Johnson’s father should be “fully investigated”, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has said.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, a former minister and chair of the Committee on Women and Gender Equality, told Sky News that the incident involving the Prime Minister’s father took place at Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool in 2003 when she was in her early 30s.

Ms Nokes, who has represented Romsey and Southampton North since 2010, was at the time the potential parliamentary candidate for the constituency ahead of the 2005 parliamentary elections.

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MP’s touching claim against Stanley Johnson

She told Sky News: “I remember a really prominent man – at the time the Conservative candidate for Teignbridge in Devon – hitting me on the back about as hard as he could and saying, ‘Oh, Romsey, you have a nice seat ‘. “

The candidate was Stanley Johnson, who later failed to get elected.

Sky News approached Stanley Johnson for a comment on the allegation.

He said, “I can not remember Caroline Nokes at all – but there it is. And no answer … Hi ho, good luck and thank you.”

In the wake of the MP making her claim, New Statesman journalist Ailbhe Rea has said she was “groped” by Stanley Johnson at the 2019 Conservative Party conference.

Asked about the allegations, Sir Keir said at a press conference: “The allegations are serious and they need to be fully investigated. I do not think at present it is up to me to say what should happen as a result.

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The Prime Minister’s father should be investigated – Starmer

“But it takes courage and courage to come forward, to make claims like this.

“They must now be fully investigated, either by the Conservative Party or by the criminal authorities.

“But the allegations that have been made now need to be investigated.”

Mrs Nokes’ comments were made during a cross-party panel discussion hosted by Sky News between four prominent female MPs on how to confront violence against women in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard.

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Violence against women: the views of Members of Parliament

Downing Street has previously declined to comment.

Asked about the allegation at a regular briefing with journalists, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said he “will not be drawn into individual cases”.

The spokesman said he had not spoken to the prime minister about the allegation, adding: “It would not be something for me.

“I do not want to be dragged into specific accusations against a private person.

“Of course, we want everyone to feel, in any case, that they have been subjected to any kind of harassment, come forward and report them to the relevant authorities.”

Mrs Nokes tweeted on Tuesday: “Just wanted to thank the sisterhood for the solidarity and support today. You know who you are and you are amazing.”

Security Minister Damian Hinds has previously spoken to Sky News, saying an investigation will be conducted into allegations against the prime minister’s father, “if that is the appropriate course of action”.

Labor Interior Minister Nick Thomas-Symonds told Kay Burley that “any victim who comes forward, we must treat what they say very sensitively, very carefully”.

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