Some Steam Deck pre-orders are being delayed into Q3

Valve’s Steam Deck has only just launched, but it seems people further down the pre-order line who do not have one yet are receiving word their orders are being delayed even further.

The process of getting a Steam Deck is fairly complex. First you had to be there when they went up for ordering, place a £ 1 deposit, and hope you were near the front of the queue. Valve then announced emails would be delivered when it was your turn to finalize that order, but you could not change the model you’d picked back in Summer of 2021.

Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

The component shortages meant that many people simply had the marker “Q3 2022” as their expected ship date, but users are now reporting this has changed to “After Q3 2022”. This comes in a report from IGN, where it’s also suggested potential customers with the “After Q2” date has also been moved to “After Q3”. Obviously this is a worst case scenario, but it’s going to feel like a long time coming when those units do eventually ship for customers.

Another run of emails has just been sent to the people in the Q1 reservations status, but this news came with an announcement from Valve about the current status of manufacturing. On Steam, the blog said: “We have been working hard to increase the number of Steam Decks we can produce this year, and we now have more clarity on our longer term production schedule. As a result, in addition to Q1 and Q2, reservers can now see if they are in the Q3 order availability window. ”

Steam Deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

Valve also confirmed that the Steam Deck will be coming to more countries, including Japan. While there was no specifics in terms of which other countries, it was previously only available to buy in the United States, UK, Canada, and the European Union. On this, Valve said: “We are also looking into making Steam Deck available in more countries, including Japan, by the end of the year. The team is continuing to push on all of these fronts, and will share updates as we get more info. ”

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