South London’s Discount Orchestra Celebrates Their 10th Birthday with a Full Night at Simulacra Studio, Brixton, December 17, 2021 – Brixton Buzz

Discount Orchestra is South London’s finest provider of speed-folk-gypsy-punk, trampling dance floors with a high-octane mix of hard-hitting rhythms and melodic quirks since 2011.

From a humble beginning in a squat on Brixton’s Chantrey Road, the orchestra has played at festivals and venues around the UK (and Europe, back then that kind of thing was possible!) And carved out setups like Boomtown and Wilderness.

In 2021, the band came out of hibernation in their third incarnation – directly into a field for a final set on the main stage of the Harlequin Fayre Festival.

On December 17, Discount is back for a birthday party at home and shares the significant occasion with Needleandthread as they turn 20.

Now best known for hosting the Open Mics in the capital, Needleandthread started holding live music evenings at Brixton’s Bug Bar (one for history buffs there) before moving to Brixton Jamm.

Line up


  • THE DISCOUNT ORCHESTRA – From the raw, visceral energy of Gypsy-Punk to the foot-twisting manic tempo of Speed-Folk, they provide a high-octane mix of eclectic dance floor tramp that is guaranteed to make you jump.
  • KEN – a trio from south east London, their music is a psychodelic-seaside-electro-jazz blaster and will leave you thoroughly delighted.
  • DAISY BEAU – a gem of the British underground and festival music scene, known for late night jazz swing sessions and early hours people around the fire.


  • D-CYFER – Old-school unglist, falling Bleeding-edge DnB ..
  • DARK – South London Reggae and Dancehall legend ..
  • SUNMONKEY – Eclectic mash-ups and Bassy Bangers ..
  • MR HOVIS – More dusty than digital

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