Star Wars’ Adam Driver Explains Why He’ll Never Return to Comic-Con

Adam Driver doesn’t plan to return to Comic-Con after making his first and only appearance while promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars actor Adam Driver recently revealed he has no plans to attend Comic-Con International: San Diego (aka San Diego Comic-Con) again.

“I didn’t know I was not gonna like it until — I didn’t know the rules of Comic-Con,” Driver shared during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. “So I got in at a hotel at two in the morning. And [they were like], ‘Is there anything you need?’ And I’m like, ‘No I’m fine. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go get a coffee.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh no, you can’t get a coffee. And I’m like, ‘May I’ll get a coffee in the hotel.’ And they’re like, ‘No. You can’t get a coffee in the hotel.'”

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The actor added that he was given permission to leave the hotel if he agreed to wear one of the provided masks because The Force Awakens hadn’t been released yet, and Disney didn’t want fans to see him ahead of the film’s panel. “And they had to be like an option of an Iron Man mask or a, you know, a Darth Vader mask,” he said.

“And then I opened my window — because I’d been in my room for 24 hours before this thing we were supposed to do. And then there was a band at the bottom of the building playing the Star Wars theme on repeat,” Driver continued. “Because we were all staying in the hotel. So it was scary.”

Driver concluded by explaining that it was nice to see “2,000 people who are just very devoted” but noted, “It’s just a lot of energy… as you can imagine. I mean it’s nice. I’m not anxious to go again.”

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Driver portrayed Ben Solo/Kylo Ren in 2015’s The Force Awakens, 2017’s The Last Jedi and 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker. While the character met his end in the latter, Star Wars Resistance head writer Brandon Auman revealed in September that he almost wrote a scene for the animated series that involved Kylo Ren dueling Asajj Ventress.

Doctor Who alum Matt Smith also recently opened up about his almost-role in The Rise of Skywalker, saying, “We were close to me being in it, but it never quite happened. I think the thing they were thinking of before eventually, the part became, you know, it became obsolete and they didn’t need it and so I never got to be in Star Wars.”

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