‘Stranger Things’ Cornfield Art Honors Eddie Munson In Indiana – Billboard

Eddie Munson may have dreamed of being a rock star, but at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. And for Stranger Things season four’s fan-favorite character, home was somewhere in central Indiana — where an astonishing one-acre cornfield art piece created by Stan Herd now exists in his honor, as shared Wednesday (July 13) on Netflix’s YouTube account.



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The video opens with text that simply reads, “Somewhere in Indiana…,” before opening up into sweeping, bird’s-eye shots showing a massive piece of art printed onto a huge cornfield from all angles. Eddie’s blown-up face stares up from the ground into the sky, tongue sticking out and fingers touched to his head like devil horns. And of course, he’s wearing his Hellfire Club T-shirt.

All the while, the video is soundtracked by Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” — aka the song Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn, performed in the Stranger Things season four finale episode. Spoiler Alert: His heavy metal moment helped the rest of the gang complete their mission of taking down this season’s main villain, Vecna, and came just before the D&D-loving teenager died a hero’s death while fighting off bat-like creatures in the Upside Down.

“Eddie, this is for you,” the video’s title reads.

Quinn just recently opened up in an interview about the soon-to-be-iconic scene, saying he was sad to read in the episode’s script that Eddie was going to die — meaning he wouldn’t be able to come back next season. “But if there’s a way to go out, it’s a pretty good one,” he said.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be able to fulfill this quite adolescent fantasy of being a rock star,” he added. “It was great fun, I remember finding it just so fun as a concept. The stakes are so high, and you feel them as an audience member, but to have that absurdity and levity — it makes for great viewing.”

See the Eddie Munson-inspired cornfield art, created by Stan Herd, below.

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