Stretford day nursery deemed ‘inadequate’ after inspection

A nursery in Stretford has been deemed ‘inadequate’ following an inspection resulting in a damning report.

Ofsted officials visited Little Learners Day Nursery on April 14 and made the judgement on all categories of assessment.

The facility on Edge Lane has 156 children aged up to four years old on its roll and employs 26 childcare staff.

Inspector Shauneen Wainwright opened her report by saying: “The provision is inadequate. Weaknesses in the leadership and management of this nursery impact on children’s safety, personal development and ability to learn. The management team fails to follow safeguarding procedures.”

She said they have ‘failed to inform relevant professionals of an allegation made against a member of staff’.

Ms Wainwright goes on: “They have also failed to work in partnership with the parents of the children involved. This means parents are not equipped with essential information needed to emotionally support their children.”

She said that friction between the management team and some staff ‘creates an atmosphere of hostility and this does not promote vigilance and awareness’.

“Additionally, some hazards within the premises go unnoticed,” she said.

Ms Wainwright said that not all children have the same opportunities.

“A small group of children, who were involved in inappropriate behaviour management incidents, have different experiences in this setting,” she said.

“This impacts upon their ability to access the curriculum and relax and enjoy their time at nursery,” she said.

“Other children show close bonds with their peers and staff. Staff are particularly attentive and sensitive to the varying needs of babies.

“Babies ‘coo’ and explore moving toys outdoors. They bounce on staff members’ laps and gaze up at the sky and trees.”

However, the report goes on to say: “The management team fails to build good working relationships with some staff. This creates a strained environment that impacts on the effectiveness of safeguarding.

“Allegations made against staff are not managed appropriately or in line with local safeguarding guidance. Some staff do not feel supported in their roles and lack confidence in the ability of the management team.

“As a result, complaints and concerns are mishandled. This does not ensure the best possible support for children.

“Important, required information is not always shared with parents. This undermines parents’ abilities and rights to support their children.

“The management team fails to recognise that choosing not to share information with parents does not encourage a respectful working partnership.”

Ms Wainwright said hazards were not identified. Stair gates at the top of stairs were not routinely kept shut and secure. And the management team was unaware that some nursery devices, such as those used in pre-school, have open access to the internet.

The devices were not monitored and the management team was unaware of the manner in which they were being used.

In the wake of the report, the nursery was given a list of requirements and a deadline date in May to meet the requirements of the early years foundation stage.

It was ordered to ensure correct procedures were followed in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff; to ensure required information is shared with parents to maintain their children’s safety and welfare; to implement effective risk assessment procedures to ensure hazards are swiftly identified and rectified and to ensure devices used are appropriately safeguarded; to ensure designated safeguarding leads have a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities to keep children safe.

Bosses were also told to strengthen relationships between staff and management ‘to help foster a culture of vigilance’.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service asked Little Learners Day Nursery for comment.

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