Stunning amount Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has spent giving away revealed jerseys

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has revealed the staggering amount Cristiano Ronaldo has spent giving his jerseys away to fans.

The Portuguese superstar is regularly seen giving his clothes off at the end of matches, where fans often break onto the pitch to get a chance to try and get their fingers in some highly coveted memorabilia.

Ronaldo’s generosity, however, has a price that his former United team-mate has revealed.

Foster spent four years with the striker during his first stay at Old Trafford before switching to Real Madrid in 2009, where Foster left the club a year later.

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And the Watford goalkeeper revealed that players are still required by their club to cover the cost when it comes to changing their kit – and as fans will know, the jerseys are not cheap.

“Good guys, Cristiano Ronaldo gives his jersey away pretty much every single match, but what you do not know is that we footballers actually have to pay for every single jersey we give away,” Foster told his Cycling GK YouTube- channel.

“Do not get me wrong, this is not going to touch the sides of Cristiano’s bank balance, but let’s go through the math of how many jerseys this guy has given away.

“So he’s played 1,100 games in his career and you get two jerseys per game.

“I’m not saying he gives away every single jersey every single match, but in the 1,100 matches you would like to think he has given one away every single match, pretty much, give or take one or two.

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“So we start with that number: 1,100 matches. If you look at the price of what these jerseys cost today, the current home jersey from Man Utd costs £ 100.

“Do not get me wrong, back then they were a little bit cheaper, £ 50 or £ 60. So let’s work on the fact that they cost an average of £ 70.”

An astonished Foster then revealed: “1,100 shirts times £ 70 is £ 77,000. Whaaaaat?”

While the rating is undoubtedly an astonishing amount, as Foster points out, it would not have made a dent in Ronaldo’s significant earnings after establishing himself as one of football’s greatest players ever.

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