‘Support this community is going to need and deserves’: Suburban mom sets up Facebook site to connect resources for the Highland Park community

CHICAGO (CBS) — As lawmakers and people in Highland Park fight for change in D.C., a Facebook group is creating a hub of donations for the parade shooting survivors.

CBS 2’s Tara Molina spoke to a woman who has raised thousands of dollars for the Highland Park Community Foundation.

She started a Facebook group, Stronger Highland Park, with almost 10,000 members. People here and across the county looking to help in any way they can.

What started as family food donations grew to a Facebook group already generating thousands in donations for Highland Park community.

Limore Zilberman is the woman behind the effort.

“People kept saying where can we send money to? How can we offer more help? What else do you need? I just realized I needed one central repository for all the information where people could request help and where people could offer help, their time,” Zilberman said.

This is Stronger Highland Park and it’s 9,400 members strong. People here looking to get help, help and share in any way they can.

‘People kept saying where can we send money to? How can we offer more help?’



There are dozens of posts with offers to help with mini therapy horses, meals, toy donations, drop-offs, even Cubs tickets for people looking for a mental and physical break.

Limore said this page is one of the ways she’s working to help this community. A mom of three with a full time job, she said this hasn’t been a small undertaking, but it’s been amazing to see the community come together – and a larger community join in that, too.

They have people donating money and offering help in this Facebook group from all over the country and the world. Hundreds have signed up to buy one of the signs she created with a graphic designer- raising thousands of dollars for the Highland Park Community Foundation.

“I’ve committed myself to making sure everyone gets help and this will have an end date – the yard signs around to get distributed for the next couple of days but I think the support this community is going to need and deserves will be ongoing,” said Zilberman.

A vigil planned for 7:00 PM outside Highland Park City Hall. 

“I think we’ve shared in our shock and our sorrow and then quickly went into how we could help one another- the need is there and the community wants to help.

“There’s just a lot of need for people to come to the community and help support highland park in all different ways and it’s a great repository for information. If someone wants to give time, services or their financial contributions there’s a place for everyone to help in the way that they can.”

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