Athletes at the Winter Olympics in Beijing said they would be below ‘Orwellian’ levels of surveillance

Athletes competing at next month’s Winter Olympics in Beijing said they would be below ‘Orwellian’ levels of Chinese state surveillance Athletes will be below ‘Orwellian’ levels of Chinese state surveillance The assessment was made Tuesday by a Human Rights Watch panel Team GB has offered their delegation temporary telephones due to fear of espionage There … Read more

Best road trips from DC: Weekend trips within driving distance

When the holidays are over and winter really sets in on DC, it can feel like time to flee the city. And luckily, our region is filled with underrated towns and sleepy villages that make it a perfect getaway – especially in the winter, where you can enjoy the quiet beauty without all the crowds. … Read more

Olympic athletes asked to leave phones at home to avoid espionage in China

In addition to omicron and gold medalists, athletes arriving in Beijing for next month’s Winter Games may have one more thing to worry about: Is it safe to access the Internet? Beijing has promised the world’s top athletes access to a partially unobstructed internet during the Olympics, which start on February 4, thus dropping the … Read more

Team USA advises Olympic athletes to use burner phones for games

The United States is among the numerous countries advising their Olympic athletes to protect themselves from Chinese surveillance at the upcoming 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. According to USA Today, Team USA issued a statement urging its delegation to take “burner” phones with them so that their personal data is not compromised. “Like computers, data … Read more

Football & Soccer | Latest football news and results

A radiant smile, a manager’s loving embrace, and a sense of full-time disbelief told you everything you needed to know about Tyler Morton’s Champions League debut. Liverpool’s home-grown talent, who has been in the club’s ranks since the age of 7, had just been entrusted with Jurgen Klopp for 90 minutes in midfield at home … Read more

People are shocked after seeing chips priced at £ 7 in London

A commuter was stunned after seeing a shop in London selling chips for £ 7. While on his way through Leicester Square tube station recently, a commuter was surprised to see a single packet of Cheetos selling for £ 6.99. And I think we can all agree, even for London prices, that’s ridiculous. The man … Read more