Notable & Quotable: Books – WSJ

May 17, 2022 6:03 pm ET Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/Zuma Press Micah Mattix writing for the Spectator, May 17: The Atlantic has announced it is expanding its books section. Reading can be revelatory, Jane Yong Kim writes in her note on the expanded section, which she will edit. . . . Here’s Kim to give you a sense … Read more

Did Supreme Court Nominees Lie to Congress?

Photo: Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images One media narrative congealing after this week’s Supreme Court leak is that President Trump’s nominees lied to Congress by claiming they would not overturn the abortion precedent of Roe v. Wade. So allow us to check the tape — and explain why respecting past decisions does not bind the … Read more

The Fed Wants to Raise Rates Quickly, But May Not Know Where to Stop

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is shifting monetary tightening into a higher gear. His goal sounds straightforward — lift interest rates to “neutral,” a setting that neither spurs nor slows growth. But there’s a catch: Even in normal times, no one knows where this theoretical level is. And these aren’t normal times. There are good … Read more

Opinion: Why the United States is reluctant to become the Saudi Arabia of natural gas

OXFORD, England (Project Syndicate) —With images of Russian aggression and war crimes in Ukraine continuing to dominate the media in Europe and around the world, Germany has pledged to cut its imports of Russian gas by two-thirds by 2023. Even more immediately , Robert Habeck, Germany’s vice chancellor and minister for economic affairs and climate … Read more

Older Americans, Flush With Housing and Stock Portfolio Wealth, Poised to Revive Spending This Year

Covid-19 kept many older Americans on the sidelines of the recovery in consumer spending as they held back from in-person services like dining and travel. But their spending is picking up as the Omicron wave recedes, and analysts say that could help fuel economic growth in the months ahead. Total household spending fell sharply in … Read more

Kids Need Fewer Computer Screens, More Library Books

March 7, 2022 10:56 am ET In the absence of a physical library, books are kept on portable shelves at a school in Albuquerque, N.M., Sept. 23, 2021. Photo: Roberto E. Rosales/Zuma Press All schools should administer grade-level assessments and publicly acknowledge the loss in literacy (“The School Shutdowns and Lost Literacy,” Review & Outlook, … Read more

Wrong Pronoun, in My Book

Feb. 4, 2022 6:07 pm ET Photo: Dial Books In Meghan Cox Gurdon’s column “And a Few Shall Have Prizes” (Children’s Books, Jan. 29), she writes, “There’s been gushing, for instance, that Kyle Lukoff’s novel ‘Too Bright to See,’ about a trans middle-school child with they/them pronouns, won a Newbery Honor.” At no point in … Read more

New York’s Democratic Jerrymander – WSJ

Gerrymandering is an old enough practice that it was named for a Founding Father, Elbridge Gerry, but henceforth in New York it should be spelled jerrymander. See nearby the district that Democrats in Albany have staked out for Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler. Your first instinct might be to grab the cartographer and do a field … Read more

How to Escape a Union? Ask to See Its Books

Jan. 31, 2022 12:20 pm ET PSC-CUNY members at a protest on the steps of City Hall in New York, 2019. Photo: Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/Zuma Press A situation like Avraham Goldstein’s was heard by the Supreme Court in 1988 (“I’m Stuck With an Anti-Semitic Labor Union,” op-ed, Jan. 21). In Communications Workers of America v. Beck, … Read more

Eternity and the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia, May 8, 1979. Photo: Anonymous/Associated Press One morning under an ominous sky, my friend Michael texted me a video of the Grateful Dead performing “Looks Like Rain.” He was right as, well, rain. Shortly afterward, the heavens opened and a deluge fell. Sending an unsolicited musical and meteorological warning is … Read more