Zendaya Talks Chani and Character Development in Dune: Part Two

Image: Warner Bros. In the buildup to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, it seemed like Zendaya sure was gonna be in more of it than she actually was. The trailers implied that her character Chani would be more than a girl who haunts—or graces, depending on your POV—the dreams of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides, while the actual … Read more

South Park Post COVID special: More buildup than payoff

South Park: Post CovidImage: Comedy Central Trey Parker and Matt Stone have referred to their 14 South Park films for Paramount Plus as “made-for-TV-movies.” While that distinction may not seem to mean much in the streaming world of today, viewers of a certain age will understand the scope: a story that’s not quite epic enough … Read more

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Ending Deep Dive Breakdown

Yeah, we don’t know either Indy. It’s all weird.Screenshot: Paramount+/Lucasfilm For years, I believed Indiana Jones was immortal. I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when it was first released in theaters and, since he’d taken a drink from the holy grail before he rode off into the sunset, I thought Indiana Jones would … Read more

Netflix’s Arcane Season Two Theories: Is Silco Really Dead?

Screenshot: Riot / Netflix Surprising no one, Arcane, the wildly popular Netflix interpretation of a similarly blockbuster video game, is getting a second season. Netflix officially announced the news over the weekend, the next step on the path of League of Legends’ apparent (but kinda out-of-left field) quest for total cultural domination. Arcane’s first season, … Read more

Yelling and ball-kicking in the future

Anyone wondering about the deep satirical underpinnings of Paramount+’s new South Park “exclusive event,” Post-COVID, is in luck this Thanksgiving morning, as the studio released a “sneak peek” of the “We’re not calling it a special” special today. Said clip reveals that not even a trip to the future can rob South Park of its … Read more

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command—The Adventure Begins

Buzz Lightyear blasting an alien.Screenshot: Disney/Pixar Lightyear, Disney and Pixar’s upcoming animated feature about the “original” astronaut whose life story inspired the line of toys bearing his name, seems very much like the sort of movie that Toy Story’s Andy Davis—who was heading off to college when last we saw him—would be unabashedly excited to … Read more

How the Show Links Back to 2012 Film

Why did Kate Bishop want to become an archer? Hawkeye answers.Image: Marvel Studios In my recap of the first two episodes of Hawkeye I mentioned at one point I got misty eyed. Well, it was in the show’s very first scene which, basically, had the biggest spoiler to find in both episodes. So when we … Read more

“Anomaly” Goes Big on Classic Tropes

This is just what it looks like emotionally decompressing after anything happens on Discovery, honestly.Image: Paramount+ Anomalies. What Star Trek fan doesn’t love an anomaly? I love ‘em, you love ‘em, Starfleet bridge crews definitely love ‘em, and Discovery is no exception. But Discovery is still the show it has been from the start, which … Read more

Every Paul Thomas Anderson movie, ranked from worst to best

Punch-Drunk Love (Screenshot); Licorice Pizza (Photo: MGM); Boogie Nights (Screenshot); Phantom Thread (Screenshot); The Master (Screenshot) This weekend brings one of the biggest events of any cinephile’s year: a new movie from Paul Thomas Anderson. Licorice Pizza, the writer-director’s ’70-set comedy of puppy-love infatuation, is already earning glowing reviews from the critics, though it will … Read more

We Revisit the 1999 Classic Pre Matrix 4

A crop of the poster for The Matrix.Image: Warner Bros. Seeing The Matrix for the first time was one of the most formative experiences in my personal cinematic journey. It was a few weeks before release, the film was screening early at my college, and everyone piled in for the random, free Keanu Reeves movie. … Read more