Yeti’s Billion-Dollar Strategy: No Celebrities, No Pandering

Yeti—the Texas maker of rugged coolers and drinkware—has transcended its outdoorsy roots to become a pop culture juggernaut and an accidental status symbol. When brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders set out to create a superior cooler for their hunting and fishing adventures in 2006, they could not have anticipated that their products would be carried … Read more

Eternity and the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia, May 8, 1979. Photo: Anonymous/Associated Press One morning under an ominous sky, my friend Michael texted me a video of the Grateful Dead performing “Looks Like Rain.” He was right as, well, rain. Shortly afterward, the heavens opened and a deluge fell. Sending an unsolicited musical and meteorological warning is … Read more

Fiction: ‘The Hummingbird’ by Sandro Veronesi

Sandro Veronesi won Italy’s major book award, the Strega Prize, in 2006 for his powerful novel “Quiet Chaos,” about the existential grappling of a newly widowed father, and he won again in 2020 for “The Hummingbird,” which now appears in English courtesy of translator Elena Pala. Mr. Veronesi is clearly on to something, as far … Read more

‘Seasons of Purgatory’ Review: An Iranian Writer’s Art in Exile

Sometimes we never see the wrongs that blight our lives. Or else we glimpse them once—before the end. In Shahriar Mandanipour’s story “Mummy and Honey,” a viper slips into a house in mourning. It takes up residence, at first “gently coiled around the bitter orange tree.” Grandfather, ruler of the family, has passed. Now Father … Read more

Biden, Trump and ‘Illegitimate’ Elections

President Joe Biden Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images One piece of President Biden’s news conference that deserves more scrutiny is his positively Trumpian refusal to say that the 2022 elections will be legitimate. The White House is now trying to walk this back, which is a good sign, but if Mr. Biden is changing … Read more

‘Dream-Child’ Review: Madness, Poetry and Dinner With the Lambs

For much of his literary life, Charles Lamb was a jack of all trades and a master of none. He wrote poetry like his Romantic contemporaries and good friends Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth though his verse was of a lesser caliber. He produced a sentimental novel that underwhelmed and a farcical play that … Read more

Who Will Be ‘Jeopardy!’ Host? Who Cares? The Show Is Having a Great Season

“Jeopardy!” hit disaster last year when its host search turned into a sideshow. There is still no permanent host, but the game show is on a hot streak in its 38th season. A historic series of winning runs this season has produced three super champions with at least 10 victories in a row. Reigning champ … Read more

Bella Hadid on Overcoming the Anxiety of Getting Dressed Every Morning

In our series My Monday Morning, self-motivated people tell WSJ. how they start off the week. Being a supermodel often means having to deal with photo shoots, scheduling and travel that are subject to change at the 11th hour. This year, Bella Hadid is determined to maintain more consistent routines. The 25-year-old says all the … Read more

Satellite TV Can’t Be Saved With a DirecTV-Dish Merger

Text size In some parts of the country where cable access is limited, Dish and DirecTV remain the only way to get pay-TV subscriptions. Daniel Acker/Bloomberg For 20 years now, Dish Network and rival DirecTV have been playing a game of footsie. On the surface, the logic of merging the satellite TV services has long … Read more

20 Books We Read This Week

By WSJ Books Staff Jan. 14, 2022 4:00 pm ET ‘Liberty Is Sweet’ Review: Unsung Heroes Celebrating the role of the obscure and dispossessed in the Revolution. Jefferson and Washington? Not so much. Review by Adam Rowe Read the review ‘Eight Days in May’ and ‘Aftermath’ Review: Surviving the Time of Wolves Adolf Hitler committed … Read more