Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone in ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Series Trailer

Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone in ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Series Trailer by Alex Billington May 8, 2022Source: YouTube “I can feel you flowing through!!” Netflix has revealed the first official trailer for a new comedy series titled God’s Favorite Idiot, the latest creation from the husband-wife comedy duo Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone. Usually Falcone … Read more

Eternity and the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia, May 8, 1979. Photo: Anonymous/Associated Press One morning under an ominous sky, my friend Michael texted me a video of the Grateful Dead performing “Looks Like Rain.” He was right as, well, rain. Shortly afterward, the heavens opened and a deluge fell. Sending an unsolicited musical and meteorological warning is … Read more

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Spoiler FAQ

Photo: Kimberley French/Sony Pictures There’s something strange in the neighborhood… and it’s the plot of Ghostbusters: Afterlife! In celebration of Ivan and Jason Reitman’s critically divisive, audience-adored sequel to the original Ghostbusters movie coming to digital on demand last week, we’ve decided to give it the (admittedly belated) Spoiler FAQ treatment! If there’s anything you were … Read more