Strange New Worlds Is Classic Star Trek at Its Best

Image: Paramount It is a strange feeling to get excited about a show I technically don’t care about. Or at least I shouldn’t. Star Trek is a franchise that I’ve never been particularly into, and what I know about it has mainly been gleaned by osmosis during 20 years of covering nerd news. It was … Read more

The Motion Picture Director’s Edition Interview

The Enterprise has never looked better.Image: Paramount This week, Star Trek returns to one of its most important moments: the series’ fictional date for First Contact between humankind and the Vulcans. Paramount is celebrating with one hell of an overhaul—venturing once again to the original Star Trek movie to deliver a brand new overhaul for The … Read more

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 4 Announcement Caught Stars By Surprise

Members of the Star Trek cast were reportedly shocked that a new movie was announced.Image: Paramount Imagine a former co-worker told the world you were coming back to work with them without your knowledge. That’s apparently what happened last week to several members of the cast of the recent theatrical Star Trek films. According to … Read more

Star Trek Voyager’s “Prime Factors” Is One of the Show’s Best

Janeway and Tuvok share a tragic moment in “Prime Factors.”Screenshot: Paramount+ I’ve found myself, even in this impending flood of more new Star Trek than ever, returning to Voyager recently. No matter how many times I’ve seen the show in its entirety, it still surprises me just how much of its first season immediately dives … Read more

Jurassic World Not Over After Dominion Ends Trilogy

Hey, down in front!Screenshot: Universal Another familiar face signs up for the Disney+ Santa Clause revival. Get a creepy glimpse at the new adaptation of The Midwich Cuckoos. Star Trek: Picard’s showrunner teases the futures not told in season two’s time travel twists. Plus, what’s coming on Resident Alien and more. Spoilers, away! Doctor Strange … Read more

26 New Shows to Stream in 2022

Image: The Sandman promotional image/Netflix Look, let’s be real: Pandemic notwithstanding, we’re not going to the movies like we used to. A lot of the kinds of dramas we used to buy tickets for have migrated to TV and expanded in scope, and as a result, TV’s gotten…pretty good. This year’s slate of new movies … Read more

Wesley Snipes is Chill With Mahershala Ali’s New Blade

Image: New Line Cinema/Marvel It was going to happen sooner or later, so it may as well have happened now. When new actors take on the torch of superheroes that were already played by other actors, it’s apparently law that the veteran actor will have to speak on the matter. Mahershala Ali is going to … Read more