New documentary ‘Lucy and Desi’ shows real lives of comedians

When Lucie Arnaz was first approached about participating in a new documentary about her parents, television legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, she declined. The 70-year-old was, at the time, contractually obligated not to get involved with any projects about them other than the new Aaron Sorkin film “Being the Ricardos,” on which she and … Read more

Lucy And Desi review: Amy Poehler’s touching tribute

Lucy And DesiPhoto: Amazon Prime Video Lucille Ball had one of the most remarkably full careers in American show business: starting out as a model, moving to Hollywood to become an in-demand character actress and an occasional B-movie ingenue, and then transitioning into radio and TV sitcoms, where she rocketed to stardom. Her husband Desi … Read more

Rare Vintage Photos of Lucille Ball’s Life at (Her Many) Homes

CBS Photo ArchiveGetty Images As the star of I Love Lucy, American actress Lucille Ball is still undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Born in Jamestown, New York, she moved frequently throughout her young childhood, as a result of her father’s job as a Bell Telephone linesman. After deciding to pursue a career in show … Read more

Hollywood signs J.K. Simmons up for endless roles

Hollywood signs ’em up J.K. Simmons. He’s in “Being the Ricardos” playing Lucille Ball’s next-door neighbor Fred, who for real was played by William Frawley. He’s also in endless insurance commercials. He now has a white beard so fluffy puffy that, comparatively, Santa looks clean-shaven. “The beard’s for ‘The Woods,’ a film my wife wrote … Read more

Nicole Kidman wears ballgown at ‘Being the Ricardos’ premiere

Just call her the belle of the Ball. Nicole Kidman channeled Old Hollywood glamour at the Los Angeles premiere of “Being the Ricardos” on Monday night. The 54-year-old actress sported a strapless tulle Armani Privé ballgown with a sparkling sweetheart neckline, accessorizing with Jimmy Choo shoes, diamond jewelry and an Omega watch. Keeping things classic … Read more

Being the Ricardos Review: Nicole Kidman Stuns

Image: Glen Wilson/ © 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC For Being the Ricardos, writer-director Aaron Sorkin devised an ingenious way to handle the time truncation necessary for a biopic’s ability to tell the story of a life within just a few hours. Sorkin mines a series of pivotal events that took place throughout the early … Read more

Book excerpt: “The Queen of Tuesday” by Darin Strauss

In the new novel “The Queen of Tuesday: A Lucille Ball Story” (Random House), author Darin Strauss conjures a fictional life for one of television’s most popular stars: Lucille Ball, whose ’50s sitcom “I Love Lucy” would make her an indelible figure in America’s pop culture landscape, but whose private life suffered from the infidelities of … Read more

Nicole Kidman almost backed out of playing Lucille Ball

Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in Being The RicardosScreenshot: Amazon Studios When Nicole Kidman was cast as Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin’s Being The Ricardos, people on social media acted like she’d said she kicks puppies. There were hundreds of tweets saying Kidman was poorly cast. Debra Messing started trending on Twitter, with many suggesting … Read more

Nicole Kidman Almost Quit the Lucille Ball Movie Because Everyone Thought She Was Wrong For It

Perhaps you’ve heard that Aaron Sorkin has made a Lucille Ball biopic starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as the funny redhead and her husband, Desi Arnaz, respectively. Maybe when you heard this news, you were upset—so upset that you sent a bunch of tweets or yelled about it to anyone who would listen. Perhaps one … Read more