Scream Star Neve Campbell Cast in Twisted Metal

Image: Tiziano Lugli Twisted Metal, the live-action television series based on the popular car chase/vehicle combat video franchise from PlayStation, has been getting a lot of big names attached to it, drawing stars like Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz. Now, Neve Campbell has been announced as a recurring guest star, named Raven, io9 has learned … Read more

Neve Campbell Reacts To Being Referenced On The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM”

Neve Campbell says she only recognized The Weeknd as “the guy who played at the Super Bowl.” Neve Campbell says she didn’t realize who The Weeknd was when her publicist told her that she was mentioned in the lyrics for Dawn FM. The star of Scream discussed the shoutout during a recent interview on The Late Late … Read more

Scream never figured out what it’s audience should fear

Clockwise from upper left: Ghostface in Scream 4, Neve Campbell in Scream 4, David Arquette in Scream 4, Timothy Olyphant in Scream 2, and Drew Barrymore in Scream (Screenshots)Graphic: Natalie Peeples It’s a truism at this point that horror movies reflect the fears and anxieties of the culture from which they were borne. 1950s horror … Read more

Neve Campbell, Scream’s final girl, once survived a bear attack

Neve Campbell became one of the ‘90s most famous horror movie final girls after playing Sidney Prescott in Scream. Though her ability to survive the knife-wielding, mask-wearing Ghostface Killer(s) was fictional, it turns out that Campbell may have been channelling her actual ability to defy a murderous beast. During her promo run for the new … Read more

Screams Neve Campbell bought a $ 2.8 million house in LA 14 years after fleeing the city

January 13, 2022 – 18:01 GMT Nichola Murphy Scream star Neve Campbell’s house: Inside the House of Cards actress’ home in LA with her partner JJ Feild and their son Caspian. Scream fans will probably be happy to see Neve Campbell, 48, back on the big screen with Courteney Cox, but we’re curious about her … Read more

Slasher rehash is less scary than Midtown

The fifth “Scream” movie doesn’t try to reinvent the squeal. Unlike the rebooted “Halloween” and “Candyman,” which successfully dragged their franchises into the present with added social commentary, the tired teen slasher film is stuck in the past. And proud of it. Though “Scream” is set in the modern day, it’s a cinematic time machine … Read more

January 2022 Movie Preview: Scream, Morbius, and more

Main image: Scream (Screenshot). Left from top: Compartment No. 6 (Press: Sony Pictures Classics), Morbius (Photo: Sony), Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (Photo: Amazon Studios)Graphic: Jimmy Hasse Even by the standards of Hollywood’s dumpiest dump month, this January is quiet. Things could get even quieter, if the studios get cold feet about releasing any movies during another … Read more