Toyota Is Trying To Catch Up In The Crowded EV Race. It May Be Too Late.

Toyota Motor became the world’s most successful car company through the spirit of kaizen, or continuous improvement. Now, with electric vehicles on the rise, kaizen might prove to be its undoing. Kaizen is all about evolution and refinement. It helped Toyota (ticker: TM) break into the US market with the Toyopet Crown sedan in the … Read more

A Wild Turkey Is Attacking People In DC Multiple Agencies Are In Pursuit.

WASHINGTON — On a recent sunny spring day, cardinals, meadowlarks and bobolinks flit through the wooded patch between Kenilworth Marsh and the Anacostia River. A serpentine concrete bike and foot path winds through this pastoral stretch just blocks from a dense working-class neighborhood, but nobody is here. Steps away, a dozen or so neighbors jog … Read more

Buy JPMorgan Stock. Despite Losing Some of Its Swagger, Shares Are Cheap.

Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase Photo Illustration by Barron’s Staff; (Jamie Dimon) Mark Wilson / Getty Images; (reference) Dreamstime (1) Text size There is a little less swagger than usual at JPMorgan Chase these days, and that’s probably good news for investors. Shares of the bank, the industry leader in market value … Read more

Buy Progyny Stock. The Small-Cap Could Be a Big Winner By Tackling Infertility.

Illustration by JuanBernabeu Text size Infertility is a big problem — and that makes Progyny ‘s stock a big opportunity. The inability to have children isn’t a niche problem. About 19% of women ages 15 to 49 say they suffer from infertility, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and that’s partly because … Read more

Starry’s Home Broadband Is Giving Consumers A New Way To Cut The Cord

Starry says it can build its broadband service — using wireless connections — at 1% of the cost of more traditional fiberoptic networks. Illustration by Barron’s Staff; (routers) Courtesy of Starry; (buildings) Text size For three decades, the internet has unlocked new choices in everything from shopping and entertainment to education and work. When … Read more

This Small-Cap Stock Is Cheap and Growing Fast. It’s Time to Buy.

nVent Electric CEO Beth Wozniak, left, and Chief Financial Officer Sara Zawoyski. Courtesy of nVent Text size Tucked away just off the Post Road and I-95 in Greenwich, Conn., Sits Valbella, an upscale Italian eatery popular with Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers. In the wine cellar, up to 16 guests can talk stocks … Read more

The Biggest Bitcoin Fund Trades at a Discount to Its Bitcoin Holdings. Why Only the SEC Can Solve This Problem.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Evelyn Hockstein-Pool / Getty Images Text size The world’s largest Bitcoin fund is trading at 73 cents on the dollar. That may look like a bargain if you want crypto in your portfolio. But nothing is really free on Wall Street, including a cut-rate deal on Bitcoin. Holding $ 26.2 billion … Read more

NYU Shakes It Off With Taylor Swift Class

Lydia Cohen was picking classes for her last semester at New York University when she saw it: an entire class about Taylor Swift. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I need to get into this class,’ ” said Ms. Cohen, a devoted fan of the musician who listens to her songs as soon as she … Read more

Buy FMC Stock. It Looks Ready to Rally on Flush Farmers and Sustainable Products.

FMC could benefit from rising prices for agricultural commodities and a sharpening focus on sustainable crop-protection solutions. Here, tiered farms in the Philippines. Courtesy FMC Text size Soaring food prices because of a war is a lousy reason to chase commodity stocks — but they’re a great reason to take a look at FMC . … Read more

7 Stocks to Play the Rally in Natural Gas

Tankers bringing liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Exports of US LNG to Europe and elsewhere are expected to ramp up later in the decade. Hollandse Hoogte / Shutterstock Text size The invasion of Ukraine — and Europe’s reliance on Russian energy — spotlights the strategic importance of … Read more