Jason X Screenwriter Todd Farmer On Its 20th Anniversary

Kane Hodder as Uber Jason in Jason X, the tenth film in the Friday The 13th franchisePhoto: New Line Cinema/ Shout! Factory With just under $17 million in international grosses, Jason X is one of the worst-performing installments in the Friday The 13th series, and its Rotten Tomatoes score hovers around 19 percent fresh. But … Read more

Scream 2022 Stars to Return for Sequel

Ghostface is ready to try and kill those pesky kids again.Image: Paramount The Omen prequel has found its director. Westworld season 4 adds another big name to its roster. The Boys’ college supes spinoff has had another cast shakeup. Plus, Syfy un-cancels SurrealEstate, and the CW is still trying to make that Powerpuff Girls show. … Read more

Matt Smith Teases Loxias Crown in Morbius

Always a good sign when even the actor involved barely has any idea what’s going on or what they’re doing in a movie.Screenshot: Sony Pictures Tyler Gillett talks subverting fan expectations again for Scream 6. Antonia Salib teases her Moon Knight role. James Gunn might have even more projects in the work at DC. Plus, … Read more

15 Slasher Movies That Are Smarter Than You Think

In the spirit of the latest Halloween reboot, there’s a new straight-to-Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie out this week that, like the 2018 Michael Myers movie, ignores all of the intervening films and re-introduces the original’s lead (in Massacre’s case, that involves recasting Sally Hardesty—as Marilyn Burns sadly died in 2014). The initial buzz seems … Read more

Scream 6 Officially Coming From Scream 5 Directors/Writers

These days, you’ve got to have a sequel. Image: Paramount It’s official. A second Scream 2 is coming to a theater near you. Paramount and Spyglass just announced that the directing and writing teams behind the brand new Scream are all returning for a sequel. That’ll make it the sixth Scream movie overall, but also … Read more

An Important Piece of Cinema

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.Image: Paramount Watching Wayne’s World in 2022 is like riding a time machine that’s going backwards and forwards at the same time. Going one way, it’s a picture perfect snapshot of the early 1990s. The music, clothes, references, attitude, all of it is as 1992 as you can imagine. And … Read more

‘Scream’ tops box office ahead of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

“Scream” held onto its spot atop the domestic box office — bringing in $3.7 million on Friday. Through that date, the horror reboot has grossed $42.6 million, according to IMDB’s Box Office Mojo database. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” remained in second place, after “Scream” knocked it from the top spot on its opening night last … Read more

Neve Campbell Reacts To Being Referenced On The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM”

Neve Campbell says she only recognized The Weeknd as “the guy who played at the Super Bowl.” Neve Campbell says she didn’t realize who The Weeknd was when her publicist told her that she was mentioned in the lyrics for Dawn FM. The star of Scream discussed the shoutout during a recent interview on The Late Late … Read more

Scream 5 Wes Craven Tribute Takes Place Via ADR Near the End

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox return for the new Scream.Image: Paramount The latest Scream film, which is currently in theaters, is the first in the series not directed by horror legend Wes Craven, who passed away in 2015. It was a burden the new film’s directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, had on their minds throughout … Read more

Scream never figured out what it’s audience should fear

Clockwise from upper left: Ghostface in Scream 4, Neve Campbell in Scream 4, David Arquette in Scream 4, Timothy Olyphant in Scream 2, and Drew Barrymore in Scream (Screenshots)Graphic: Natalie Peeples It’s a truism at this point that horror movies reflect the fears and anxieties of the culture from which they were borne. 1950s horror … Read more