Strange New Worlds Is Classic Star Trek at Its Best

Image: Paramount It is a strange feeling to get excited about a show I technically don’t care about. Or at least I shouldn’t. Star Trek is a franchise that I’ve never been particularly into, and what I know about it has mainly been gleaned by osmosis during 20 years of covering nerd news. It was … Read more

Where to Watch Every Star Trek Show

There’s quite frankly a LOT of boldly going going on.Gif: Paramount Trying to keep track of what Star Trek is coming right now feels like trying to stop a tribble from procreating. Before even more new series get announced, here’s our guide of when to expect all the new Star Trek shows, the returns of … Read more

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Ethan Peck Interview—Spock Conflict

Looking for Pon Farr in all the right places?Screenshot: Paramount Ethan Peck’s Mr. Spock has already been through a lot in modern Star Trek. Even pushing the considerable pressure of being handed the legacy of one of the franchise’s most iconic characters, Peck’s Spock came to us in Star Trek: Discovery season two faced with … Read more

Strange New Worlds Cast Interview—Inheriting Legacy

Star Trek’s next step forward is arguably one of its biggest leaps back yet. Although the new era of Star Trek shows kicked off with Discovery—at first a prequel set before the events of the original series, now its farthest flung future—its latest bet on the Trek universe, Strange New Worlds, is a throwback to … Read more

Star Trek Book of Friendship Exclusive Excerpt: Spock and Bones

J.K. Woodward’s cover art.Image: BenBella Books When you think of Star Trek, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A character? A ship? A particular series or episode? Whatever your answer is, we’re willing to guess it wasn’t friendship, but maybe it should be. Think about it. Ultimately, all iterations of Star Trek are about … Read more

The Motion Picture Director’s Edition Interview

The Enterprise has never looked better.Image: Paramount This week, Star Trek returns to one of its most important moments: the series’ fictional date for First Contact between humankind and the Vulcans. Paramount is celebrating with one hell of an overhaul—venturing once again to the original Star Trek movie to deliver a brand new overhaul for The … Read more

Captain Kirk’s 10 Best Star Trek Episodes, Ranked

Screenshot: Paramount We’ve written before about what a fantastic Kirk episode this is, so, we’ll keep it brief: this is about more than just Star Trek’s loveably dodgy fight scene between a two-fist-swinging William Shatner and a guy in a lizard-alien rubber suit. “Arena” is about Kirk and humanity at large’s constant struggle with its … Read more

Star Trek Quentin Tarantino Movie Details—Time Travel Gangsters

Just picture this with Zach Quinto and Karl Urban, though.Screenshot: Paramount Talk of Quentin Tarantino heading to the Alpha Quadrant has swirled around for the past few years, largely focusing on how the iconic director’s take on Star Trek would’ve pushed the franchise into darker, more violent, and more curse-laden material. But new details about … Read more

Star Trek Voyager’s “Prime Factors” Is One of the Show’s Best

Janeway and Tuvok share a tragic moment in “Prime Factors.”Screenshot: Paramount+ I’ve found myself, even in this impending flood of more new Star Trek than ever, returning to Voyager recently. No matter how many times I’ve seen the show in its entirety, it still surprises me just how much of its first season immediately dives … Read more

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Details: Uhura, Khan Connection

It’s more than just old characters with young faces that will connect Strange New Worlds to the original Star Trek.Screenshot: Paramount+ We’ve known practically since it was announced that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds would bridge the gap between the original Discovery era—before that show jetted off to the 31st century—and the road to the … Read more