Strange New Worlds Is Classic Star Trek at Its Best

Image: Paramount It is a strange feeling to get excited about a show I technically don’t care about. Or at least I shouldn’t. Star Trek is a franchise that I’ve never been particularly into, and what I know about it has mainly been gleaned by osmosis during 20 years of covering nerd news. It was … Read more

Paramount+ UK Launch Set for June 22

This is what you’re going to look like for nearly two months waiting for Paramount+ to arrive… if you’re in the UK and Ireland, at least.Image: Paramount Good news, Star Trek fans who are also fond of the letter u, the right kinds of tea, and other things! Paramount+ has finally been given a launch … Read more

Strange New Worlds Cast Interview—Inheriting Legacy

Star Trek’s next step forward is arguably one of its biggest leaps back yet. Although the new era of Star Trek shows kicked off with Discovery—at first a prequel set before the events of the original series, now its farthest flung future—its latest bet on the Trek universe, Strange New Worlds, is a throwback to … Read more

Star Trek Book of Friendship Exclusive Excerpt: Spock and Bones

J.K. Woodward’s cover art.Image: BenBella Books When you think of Star Trek, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A character? A ship? A particular series or episode? Whatever your answer is, we’re willing to guess it wasn’t friendship, but maybe it should be. Think about it. Ultimately, all iterations of Star Trek are about … Read more

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Casts Captain Kirk

Fascinating, Jim.Image: Paramount Captain on the bridge! Paramount+ has confirmed that the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will feature the return of the iconic captain of the USS Enterprise, James Tiberius Kirk. Paul Wesley, known for his roles in The Vampire Diaries, Amira and Sam, Medal of Honor, and more, will enter … Read more

Picard Season 2 Star Trek Online Ships Canon Interview

The fleet gathers.Gif: Paramount When Star Trek: Picard returned last week, it inched the Star Trek timeline forward into a period largely untouched in its TV history. Discovery may have jumped all the way to the 31st century, but a 2401 setting meant exploring Star Trek’s 25th century future. Except one piece of Star Trek … Read more

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Series: More Trek at Paramount+

Starfleet Academy as it looked in the 2380s.Screenshot: CBS/Paramount+ Back in 2019, io9 did a round-up of all the Star Trek shows that were then in various stages of boldly going to CBS All Access. A couple years later, CBS All Access is now Paramount+, but studio’s keen interest in giving viewers as much Trek … Read more

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero Icons We Lost

Photo: Chris Jackson (Getty Images) Helen McCrory Helen McCrory had a remarkable career on stage and screen before passing away at age 52 of cancer. After making her cinematic debut in Interview With the Vampire, she eventually played a host of wonderful villains on Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful, and most notable as Draco’s mother Narcissa … Read more