Book Excerpt: Dard-e-Disco

In her book Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh, Shrayana Bhattacharya followed the jobs and romances of a diverse group of women for 15 years. This edited excerpt is from a chapter about a young woman from Jaisalmer, working as airline cabin crew, titled ‘A Girl Called Gold’.  Gold Mendiratta wore the tightest dress on the most … Read more

How Maryse Condé’s Travels Nurtured Both Her Writing and Her Cooking

At first sight, Maryse Condé’s Morsels and Marvels seems like a standard food and travel memoir. However, readers looking to be delighted by descriptions of exciting dishes and sights will be disappointed. Most of the cuisines and locations mentioned in the book are well known to cosmopolitan readers. Scholars looking for new insights into the … Read more