Docs shows costs and challenges of subway track safety

NEW YORK – Queens resident Javier Espinoza does not remember exactly what happened when he survived a 7 train barreling over him after he fell onto the tracks at the 74th Street — Broadway station in February 2020. “I was told my binder fell, and as I went down to pick it up, I either … Read more

The exhibition focuses on indigenous peoples in NY: The Lenape

NEW YORK – It’s a sight to behold: a pearl-shaped bandolier bag dating back to the 1830s, created through intricate stitching and made by a member of the Lenape Nation who were natives of present-day New York City and the surrounding area. . “They probably started in the winter months when people were indoors and … Read more

Cleveland photographer publishes pandemic portrait book

CLEVELAND — After a tough year for her northeast Ohio neighborhood, one woman is sharing her community one photo and story at a time. What You Need To Know Bridget Caswell is a storyteller, photojournalist and now author Her first book is titled “Homebody: A Portrait of Our Community” She’s called Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood home … Read more

Book Excerpt: Dard-e-Disco

In her book Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh, Shrayana Bhattacharya followed the jobs and romances of a diverse group of women for 15 years. This edited excerpt is from a chapter about a young woman from Jaisalmer, working as airline cabin crew, titled ‘A Girl Called Gold’.  Gold Mendiratta wore the tightest dress on the most … Read more

SoCal Slack Key Festival brings Hawaiian sounds to Redondo

REDONDO BEACH, California – Known as one of the world’s leading slack key guitarists, Grammy-winning Jim “Kimo” West is one of the featured artists at the Southern California Slack Key Festival in Redondo Beach, which is now in its 15th years. “I’ve been playing slack key now for over 20 years,” West explained. “It’s a … Read more