The Best Work-From-Home-or-Office Gadgets: Boring but Useful Gifts for Hybrid Life

Is there a chance that giving someone a printer, a desk-cord organizer or a bag for electronic accessories could imply you do not, you know, like that person? Absolutely not! Nothing says “I love you” like a boring gadget gift. Newsletter Sign-up Technology A weekly digest of tech reviews, headlines, columns and your questions answered … Read more

Russian Artists Feel a New Cultural Chill in the West

“No Looking Back” premiered at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, last weekend. It was cut from the lineup at the Cleveland International Film Festival that gets under way later this month. The movie from Russia is a black comedy about an ex-convict trying to reclaim her daughter by force. It is … Read more

How to Find the Best Trade-In Deals for Your Old iPhone or Android Phone

That unused phone sitting in your desk drawer isn’t just collecting dust. It’s also quickly losing value — hundreds of dollars in cash you could put in your pocket by trading it in or selling it online. It’s likely you have one or two unused old devices you’ve forgotten. Once we upgrade to a newer … Read more

The Secret to Getting a Better Job After 50

Even in a hot hiring market, it is tough for workers over 50 to stay competitive in workplaces that often value youth over experience. The pandemic has been especially hard on older employees seeking to reclaim jobs lost in the early days of lockdowns. Many say they fear that the workplace upheaval brought on by … Read more

Portable Monitors: The Amazing Productivity Gadget You Did Not Know You Needed

Hybrid workers like me tend to bounce around. At home, I’m in whatever spot is quietest. At the office, thanks to Covid-19, I’m hot-desking. And right now, at the Airbnb where I’m enjoying a skiing work vacation, my writing desk is a kitchen table. Laptops make all this possible, but their relatively small screens tend … Read more

New Jobs for Burned-Out Teachers Mean Learning the Rules of the Corporate World

Teachers have quit in droves during the pandemic. Sometimes bumpy, their paths provide a lesson plan for others looking to leap from the classroom to the corporate world. Nationwide, former educators are starting jobs in sales, software, healthcare, training services and other hot fields, and more say they want to follow suit. As in demand … Read more

Virtual training, real sweat: Train in Metaverset with Meta Quest 2

One thing they do not tell you about training in the metaverse: The exercise may be in virtual reality, but the sweat is real. My first VR exercise was a boxing lesson that is like “Dance Dance Revolution” for your hands. I hit color-coded targets by zooming in on my face and tilted to avoid … Read more

Slash on the New, Drama-Free Guns N’ Roses

LOS ANGELES—At the peak of Guns N’ Roses mania, lead guitarist Slash was a train wreck within a train wreck. The band showed up late for concerts, night after night. A few times, fans rioted. Slash drank so much he was eventually given six weeks to live. He and Axl Rose fought and didn’t perform … Read more

How ‘Encanto’s’ ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Became Bigger Than ‘Let It Go’

They may be crooning about the clairvoyant Colombian animated character in Bulgarian, Norwegian, Vietnamese or one of more than 40 other languages. The song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” from Disney’s movie “Encanto,” is known as “Don’t Mention Bruno” in Russian, “Secret Bruno” in Japanese and “Just Not a Word About Bruno” in German. “Bruno” … Read more

Who Will Be ‘Jeopardy!’ Host? Who Cares? The Show Is Having a Great Season

“Jeopardy!” hit disaster last year when its host search turned into a sideshow. There is still no permanent host, but the game show is on a hot streak in its 38th season. A historic series of winning runs this season has produced three super champions with at least 10 victories in a row. Reigning champ … Read more