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Treat your mom to a tech gadget gift she’ll love. From a smart garden to a colorful pair of earbuds, she’ll appreciate this gear all year long.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so if you have not bought your mom’s gift yet, it’s time to get shopping. And maybe we suggest any of these cool tech gadgets gifts for Mother’s Day? They’ll pamper her with features and specs.

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Does your mom love plants and cooking with fresh herbs? Then the Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse makes an excellent gift. She’ll love controlling all the growth parameters in the companion app.

And, of course, she’ll enjoy having regular massages at home with the Lyric massager. It is beautiful, but it also takes the guesswork out of home therapy, making it more effective.

Your mom’s going to be thrilled with the great tech below. And why not? She deserves it.

1. The SolaWave Wand rechargeable skincare tool delivers glowing, radiant skin with its microcurrents, red light therapy, and more.

SolaWave Wand in use

She’s already beautiful. Still, your mom will appreciate the SolaWave Wand rechargeable skincare tool because it maintains her skin’s youthful look without harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. Using heat, red light therapy, and massage, it fades fine lines and blemishes.

Try with nok for $ 149.

2. The Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse Planter helps your mom grow herbs in her kitchen all year. She’ll love the companion app’s programming.

Mother's day 2022: tech gadget gifts she'll love
Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse in a kitchen

Give your mom a plant she can enjoy all year with the Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse Planter. It comes in beautiful brass and matte black colors and has a built-in grow light. The smart app offers customizable programming, which is why it’s one of the best tech gadget gifts for Mother’s day.

Get it for $ 239 on the official website.

3. The Lyric therapeutic massager has a sleek design she’ll be happy to take anywhere. It comes with routines like Pain Relief and Calm.

Lyric in a YouTube video

Your mom can have a restorative massage with the Lyric therapeutic massager every day. Its lovely design is compact and easy to use, while its Rhythm Therapy soothes the muscles and the nervous system. The Calm, Energize, and Pain Relief routines take the guesswork out of home massage therapy.

Get it for $ 199.95 on the official website.

4. The IKEA VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp adds a decorative element to your mom’s home and has a Spotify Tap playback function.

Mother's day 2022: tech gadget gifts she'll love
IKEA VAPPEBY on a nightstand

Your mom can pick up right where she left off on her Spotify playlist with the IKEA VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp. This modern lamp features a Spotify Tap playback capability. Otherwise, she can connect to the speaker with her tablet, phone, or laptop.

Get it for $ 64.99 on the official website.

5. The Aura Mason freestanding digital photo frame displays your mom’s favorite family memories and makes uploading photos easy from Android and iOS.

Aura Mason
Aura Mason in a kitchen

Gift your mother the Aura Mason freestanding digital photo frame so she can relive her favorite memories throughout the day. It displays in portrait or landscape mode, and the slideshow speed is adjustable.

Get it for $ 179 on the official website.

6. The Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier keeps her cool with its light mist, and it creates a gentle, spa-like environment at home.

Hey Dewy
Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier next to a bed

Wireless and rechargeable, the Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier gives your mom a facial treatment. Meanwhile, its small footprint makes it easy to take on trips, in the car, and around the house. It’s one of our favorite tech gadget gifts for Mother’s Day.

Preorder it for $ 59.95 on the official website.

7. The Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact lets your mom enjoy a pot of expertly-brewed tea every afternoon with its variable steep timer.

Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact
Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact at tea time

Does your mom love her afternoon tea? The Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact is ideal for white, green, oolong, black, and herbal teas. The timer sets from 1–5 minutes, depending on the strength she likes.

Get it for $ 211.79 on Amazon.

8. The 1MORE ColorBuds 2 Bluetooth earbuds provide your mom a personalized sound experience for her music, podcasts, and more.

1MORE ColorBuds 2 in a video

Keep your mom connected to her family — and her music — with the 1MORE ColorBuds 2 Bluetooth earbuds. Boasting a comfortable design, these earbuds use SoundID technology to create a personal sound profile that’s tailored to her hearing. They also offer clear calls.

Get them for $ 69.99 on the official website.

9. The Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser offers a deep yet gentle facial cleanse using 2 levels of sonic vibration for skin health and anti-aging.

LED Technologies Sonique Mini LED Sonic Cleanser
Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser in a bathroom mirror

The Sonic Mini LED Sonic Cleanser uses light therapy to fight age and acne. In fact, the red, amber, and infrared LEDs combat fine lines and wrinkles for a refreshed look your mom will appreciate.

Get it for $ 59 on the official website.

10. The TOUCHBeauty HALO collagen booster increases elastin and collagen production, helping your mom feel more refreshed.

Mother's day 2022: tech gadget gifts she'll love
TOUCH Beauty HALO in use

Give your mother improved skin elasticity with the TOUCHBeauty HALO collagen booster. All she has to do is turn it on, select her preferred mode and intensity, then add gel to the electrode poles. It rejuvenates the skin using radiofrequency, red light therapy, and more.

Get it for $ 199.99 on the official website.

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