Tesco shoppers outraged over ‘vile’ Easter egg still being sold for £ 9 in store

Easter is officially over for another year but Tesco shoppers claim the company might not have got the memo after they spotted remaining eggs still being sold in stores for £ 9

Tesco shoppers were surprised (stock photo)

The Easter weekend was a blur of warm weather and lots of chocolate, but it’s well and truly over now.

As such many shoppers were stunned to see Easter eggs still on the shelves in Tesco this week.

And it seems one type of egg, in particular, is still available in abundance, with many of them lining the shelves.

As reported by Manchester Evening News, Tesco continues to flog Bounty Easter Eggs for the reduced price of £ 9 if you have a clubcard – or £ 12 if you do not.

Snaps of supermarket shelves filled with Bounty eggs have been shared on social media by @thisisntnath, where they were branded “vile”.

They’ve still got a lot of Bounty eggs left



People called the egg ‘vile’ (stock photo)



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One person wrote: “Literally nobody wants Bounty Easter eggs.”

And this did not go unnoticed by fellow social media users, who also were not fans of the sweet treat.

Someone else replied: “I would not pay 9 quid for it. Maybe 3.”

Another thought: “Tesco should be paying * me * to eat a Bounty tbh.”

A fellow Bounty hater posted: “No one wants their hollow chocolate egg tainted by coconut.”

“Anyone who likes coconut is a psychopath,” proclaimed a different user.

Similarly, a photo of Bounty eggs was shared on Reddit, with the caption: “People voting with their wallets.”

One person responded: “£ 9!?!? Nine! Quid! I love a bounty, but nine Great British Pounds!?!? Do one, Tesco.”

Another disgusted Tesco shopper commented: “Nine quid for the leftovers of a celebrations tin.”

However, not everyone was appalled by the Easter egg, with one Bounty fan defending the chocolate, saying: “I love bounty. You are all weird.”

Another exclaimed: “Bounty bars are actually my favorite. I’d consider buying one but the price is making my eyes melt out of their sockets.”

The Mirror has contacted Tesco for comment.

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