The film is made in south London with former inmates in front and behind the camera – and an award-winning director-producer

Young offenders from gang-hit areas are making a film and will showcase some of their work next week, November 15, to attract more funds.

The film, 100 Mistakes, has already used locations in south London, filmed by an award-winning Italian director-producer whose work has recently been nominated for the Berlin Film Festival.

The project, funded by the Backstage Trust, is from a manuscript written by Jerome Sewell, who last week won a grant from the Koestler Arts Award, which pays for creative work by current and former inmates.

From left Devonte Swayby, Zion Reid-Dunn. PHOTO: Roksana Turowisc.

Unique Talent, which rehabilitates young offenders and prevents gang crime in south London, hired cast and crew among its clients.

The staff will be lined up for jobs at major production studios and other companies through Unique’s partner Iconic Steps – which works with Disney, Warner brothers and Netflix.

The cast and crew also get a larger employment package alongside the work.

The manufacturers is hosting a film run on the red carpet on November 15 to show a trailer and celebrate the launch – which will be attended by some of London’s biggest sources of funding, including the London Community Foundation and Youth Music.

Manager Chirellini said: “This film is a precious opportunity to talk about the people of London from a different point of view, far from clichés and far from the usual narrative. It is also a great opportunity for young girls and boys to approach show business and participate in a real experience on a real cinema film. “

Aisosa Henkom, who works as a sound operator, said: “My experience has been wonderful. Being involved in this is one of the best experiences ever, being involved in a media team and watching a film come true; it has given me inspiration to make my own films. ”

Recordings in Melford Road, Thornton Heath: left to right- Maceji Gulewski, Jayden Cambell-Witter, Devonte Swayby, Zion Reid-Dunn, Joshua. PHOTO: Roksana Turowiscz

Devonte Ellis Swayby from Mitcham, who plays one of the main characters, said: “I got involved in this production because I felt I could relate to it – what the story is about is what I’m going through right now. This production opens doors for me. ”

Another leader, Zion Reid-Dunn, from Battersea, said: “Working with Jerome, Adriano and the other crew members was an explosion half the semester. It kept me focused and busy while working on the set. It’s been a dream. , which has come true, because ever since I was young I have always wanted to be an actor.I have always wanted to be on the big screen.

“I have always wanted to be someone else’s inspiration. All in all, working with Jerome has been a life-changing crazy experience. “

Sewell, who is also an executive producer, said: “We believe in the full aspirations of young people in our community, just as others believed in us. We are constantly striving to put young people at the forefront of the industry and realize their dreams, which is why we launched this production in the first instance. ”

Other members of the team include Jayden Campbell-Witter of Addiscombe, Joseph Nkiwane- of New Addington, Roksana Turowicz of Thornton Heath, Maciej Gulewski of West Croydon and Janique Ovid of Croydon.

Top of picture: Cast and film crew: from left, Zion Reid-Dunn, Devonte Swyby, Michael Appiah. PHOTO: Jerome Sewell

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