The Most Popular Books on TikTok, From Historical Fiction to YA Novels

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You can find just about everything on TikTok nowadays, from 15-second dances to unsolicited legal advice. Unsurprisingly, it can also be a great place to find your next read. Under the hashtags #BookTok, #BookRecommendations, or simply #Books, users share in-depth review videos, quick lists of favorites, and aesthetically pleasing bookshelf tours to share their favorite book recommendations.   

To gather the titles on this list, we watched countless BookTok videos and collected the indisputable favorites from readers on TikTok. Most of the titles that circulate BookTok are gripping and exciting reads that almost any reader would love, from nail-biting thrillers to action-packed fantasy novels. 

The 22 most popular books on TikTok:

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