The stunning Birmingham 2022 pot box toppers catching the eye in Sutton

The stunning post box toppers in Sutton

The team at Wylde Green United Reformed Church in Boldmere have based their post box topper on the triathlon, which is heading to Sutton Park.

The creation includes with Perry the Bull, the Mascot of Birmingham 2022 in the middle.

Heather Hall, from the group, said: “You will see that we start it off with the swimmers at the front making a splash.

“There is a cyclist, on her bike, out of the saddle, doing her best. One of the runners, with his guide, is representing the PTVI, para triathlon visually impaired, which will be taking place on July 31.”

The stunning post box toppers in Sutton

The church has offered the use of the car park to the Games organisers as a secure bike park for visitors and are hosting a Pop Up Cafe, Traidcraft Shop and comfort break for visitors.

They are also part of the Friends of Wylde Green Train Station Community Post Box Topper and Yarn Bomb Trail.

“This has brought together members of the Sutton Coldfield knitting community,” said Heather

The creations can be seen along the route to Sutton Park from Wylde Green Train Station and in surrounding roads.

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