The tree falls on the house as Storm Arwen wreaks havoc on Greater Manchester

A house was left damaged after a tree crashed on it during storm Arwen.

The tree fell on the property in The Drive, Bury, when strong winds raged in the early hours of this morning (November 27).

The residents – believed to be an elderly couple – were not home when they Manchester Evening News visited this afternoon, but is said to have slept in bed when the tree fell around noon.

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Helen O’Brien, who lives opposite, said she only realized what had happened after she woke up Saturday morning.

“I could not believe it,” she said.

“It’s not something you expect to see. I’m worried about whether the tree outside my house should go too.”

Damage to the roof of a house in The Drive, Bury

Workers were later seen using a crane to remove the wood.

Part of it, however, remained on the sidewalk Saturday afternoon.

There was also visible damage to the property’s roof.

As the wind picked up during the night, Storm Arwen also left a trail of destruction across other parts of Bury.

Fountain Street North was closed to traffic and pedestrians Saturday as firefighters and a demolition company handled an unsafe wall, according to the Bury Council.

A tree also fell outside the Castle Leisure Center in the town center, while a tree at All Saints Church in Whitefield collapsed in the cemetery.

A felled tree outside the Castle Leisure Center in Bury

An eyewitness said a number of tombstones were ‘disturbed’, though no one appeared to have been toppled.

Elsewhere in Greater Manchester, the M62 was closed between junctions 9pm and 10pm. 02.30, after more than 120 trucks got stuck in heavy snow.

Snow plows and litter were put in to clear the road.

Firefighters in Lever Edge Lane, Bolton, which has been closed due to fears of an ‘unsafe building’

In Manchester city center, emergency services were called to the Northern Quarter after wooden boards were blown into two parked cars by the wind.

Meanwhile, Metrolink services were suspended between Rochdale’s city center and Shaw and Crompton due to damage to the overhead line caused by a fallen tree.

In Bolton, Lever Edge Lane was blocked for several hours due to concerns over an ‘unsafe building’.

The road has since reopened.


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