The Buckingham Palace balcony has become an iconic central focal point of British culture, with some of the country’s greatest moments from the end of World War II, to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, all celebrated from its carved stone borders.

The palace balcony did not exist until 1850, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s building plans to add an east wing to Buckingham Palace were completed. Prior to this, the palace had been formed by three wings with an open courtyard.

Prince Albert instructed architect Edward Blore to design the new fa├žade, which was completely rebuilt in 1913 at the command of King George V.

Before the end of her life, Queen Victoria made several balcony appearances, gathering large crowds to catch a glimpse of the monarch. Successive kings and queens have all followed in her footsteps, none more often than her great-great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

During the current reign, the Buckingham Palace balcony has continued to be a focal point for royal events such as weddings and anniversaries with the traditional Trooping of the Color balcony performance taking place annually every June.

The Queen, along with Princess Diana, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, have all created memorable moments on the palace balcony over the past 70 years, where the royal family’s history can be mapped through images from each historic occasion.

This year marks 2022 Elizabeth II’s platinum anniversary, and after a special Trooping of the Color ceremony on June 2, the royals will go out on the balcony again for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020.

A statement from Buckingham Palace announced last week that the number of royals on the balcony of the apartment had been reduced and only those performing official duties were invited to attend.

Here, Newsweek looks at 40 of the queen and her family’s most glorious moments of the palace balcony:

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