Three things that ‘will definitely happen’ if Zinedine Zidane becomes Manchester United manager – Omar Garrick

Zinedine Zidane has many suitors to become the next Manchester United manager if Ole Gunnar Solskjær leaves his position in the near future.

The Frenchman has established himself as one of the most coveted coaches in Europe and has won three Champions League titles with his former club, Real Madrid.

With his 49, Zidane is at his best age, has many good things going for him and would be able to make United win matches.

Our Manchester United Fan Brand Editor, Mike Parrott, along with writers Omar Garrick and Casey Evans have listed three things we would see if Zinedine Zidane became the next Manchester United manager.

Omar Garrick says … He wanted to bring a winning mentality to United

Let me put it this way. I think Zinedine Zidane is a risk, but a risk worth taking for the current situation at Manchester United.

Why do I think this? Well, that’s all there is to it.

Zidane has already coached Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane during his time at Real Madrid, where they won three Champions League titles together. He knows how to get the best out of them.

Then you have Paul Pogba, who I know shares opinions, but there is no doubt that Zidane would get the best out of him. He wanted to buy him at Real Madrid and has praised the midfielder on countless occasions during press conferences. It is also clear that Pogba would love to play under Zidane, who was his idol growing up.

Zidane would bring a winning mentality to United (Photo by Diego Souto / Quality Sport Images / Getty Images)

Think about what the Frenchman could do with people like Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood. Under his guidance, he could take them to the next level.

I know there is some doubt about Zidane when we saw what happened in his final year in Madrid. I’m also aware that some might say that anyone could have won the Champions League with the squad he had at the time. But look at his team in the 2019/20 season. It was not so strong, had nowhere near the amount of depth he had two years before, but he still managed to win the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga.

I think with the current crop, he could be exactly what United need – someone who can come mid-season and stamp his authority.

He is also the cheapest option. I’ve in doubt about Zidane as lots of people, but I would definitely take him over someone like Brendan Rodgers. He wanted to add a winning mentality to the team.

Casey Evans says … He wanted to show passion on the sidelines

In 2006, Zidane headed Marco Materazzi into a World Cup final, and the football world stood still as the player was sent off and never played football again.

Fast forward to becoming Real Madrid coach, and since no one had seen or really heard much about Zidane since (besides coaching Real Madrid Castilla), no one really knew how to channel this anger, who apparently lived inside. by him.

But it seems he has channeled it in an overwhelmingly positive way, he is a really passionate manager and you can see this on the sidelines.

Much has been made of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s reluctance to stand on the sidelines, give imperceptible hand signals and place orders against his players and excommunicate them when they do not do what he asks; but Zidane does this in spades.

There is always the risk that one day it may boil over again and cross the border back into rage instead of passion, but it seems that Zidane right now has a lid on his emotions and uses the fear that he will get really angry on someone to order respect for his players.

Mike Parrott says … PogBack (again)

If there’s one thing that all Manchester United fans know about Zinedine Zidane’s leadership career, it is this; the man loves Paul Pogba.

When he asked for Pogba in Madrid every summer, he was in charge of Real Madrid, just as he was in constant quarrel with President Florentino Perez over the Spaniard’s aversion to Mino Raiola, Zidane was ready to risk everything to get his hands on Pogba.

However, Zidane’s love for Pogba is not one-sided. Pogba said back in 2019:

“There is also [Zinedine] Zidane as a coach and it’s a dream for anyone who likes football. “Pogba loves him back apparently.

But what would that mean for Manchester United?

First, Pogba would sign that extension because Zidane would build the team around the Frenchman. Pogba would become the first team on the team list in his preferred role as an effective free midfielder, in the same way that Zidane used to play.

This change of position could be an injury for Bruno Fernandes, who would have to be moved if not even dropped for Pogba. The Frenchman would require a lot of legwork around him, such as Fred, Scott McTominay or new recruits, but it would seriously hinder Bruno’s attacking effect if asked to play passages to Pogba.

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Nor would I be surprised in the least if Zidane gave Pogba the lead. Maguire has been under fire for his sluggish performances this season, with fans asking for him to be stripped of the lead. It would make sense for Zidane’s golden boy to get it if Zidane becomes United manager.

Is it a good thing to give Pogba all this power and star power? In my opinion no. But if Zinedine Zidane became Manchester United manager, I could definitely see all this happening.

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