Tik Tok train spotter Francis Bourgeois visits ‘awesome club’ The Warehouse Project and posts a funny video

TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois, known on social media as ‘Train Guy’, appeared at The Warehouse Project in Manchester last week.

Clubbers created “a riot,” according to co-founder Sacha Lord, after showing up in his usual flat cap and coming down to the music.

The much-loved trainspotter took video footage in his trademark way using his headgear complete with camera, which was usually used to put his iconic trainspotting videos online, and continued to dance enthusiastically around the club.

Francis Bourgeois visited The Warehouse Project

In his TikTok video of the event, he said, “This used to be a Royal Mail sorting office, now it’s a great club called The Warehouse Project.”

Depot Mayfield Manchester, where the Warehouse Project events take place, is a former train depot.

It was designed as a suburban train terminal and inaugurated in August 1910 by the London and North Western Railway Company. During World War II, it was attacked and destroyed in December 1940. However, it remained accessible to passengers until August 1960.

In 2019, Depot launched Mayfield with Manchester Pride Live and has become home to The Warehouse Project and Escape to Freight island.

Francis is known for often standing by train tracks and commenting on the models and types of passing trains while filming around trains and train depots.

In the TikTok video broadcast by the Warehouse Project, the club claimed that “he was having fun”.

In a post on Twitter, Sacha Lord, co-founder of the Warehouse Project, said: “We have had some A-lists present. @WHP_Mcr over the years … but we’ve never seen such a tumult as when Francis Bourgeois showed up this weekend. ”


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