Too Much? Social Media Reacts To Rihanna Calling Her Son ‘Fine’

On the heels of Rihanna revealing her second pregnancy at the Super Bowl, she also unveiled photos of her son. However, there were some mixed reactions to Rihanna calling her infant son “fine” in an Instagram upload.

Rihanna Praises Her Baby’s Looks On Instagram

On Wednesday, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s sit-down with Vogue went live, and they were accompanied by their little bundle of joy during their cover shoot.

Naturally, Rihanna proceeded to share some uploads from the photoshoot, and she took the chance to give fans an up-close look at her son. One such photo was notably captioned, “My son so fine! idc idc idc!”

Some Give Rihanna’s Statement The Side-Eye As Others Come To Her Defense

As fans raved about the photos, some took issue with RiRi calling her young son “fine,” and they weren’t shy about letting it be known! However, Rihanna was quick to clap back at critics who expressed that she should’ve used another adjective, such as “cute” or “adorable.”

People also took to Twitter to share their takes, and many just didn’t approve.

It was also pointed out this isn’t the first time that the subject has been brought up on social media. Users also accused supporters of being “fake” for switching-up their stance on the matter because it involves Rihanna.

However, others said that the matter isn’t that serious and accused the upset adults of being the weird ones.

It was also pointed out that “fine” can have a different context across cultures.


Ultimately, there were plenty of supporters on both sides, though RiRi doesn’t appeared to be too bothered by the situation.

What do you think about people’s responses to Rihanna calling her son “fine”? Additionally, do you think a different adjective like “cute” should have been used, or is it no big deal?