Training in the Texas heat is something student athletes are acclimated to

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Even in the summer, high performing student athletes are training.

“I’d say currently I’m practicing two to three times a day,” Cavitt Bruhn said. 

Since he competes on an outdoor soccer field, a lot of this work must be done outside. 

“It’s definitely gotten hotter the last couple of weeks, but it’s nothing we can’t overcome,” he said. 

He’s working with a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Children’s Health Andrews Institute Sports Performance powered by EXOS who knows how to do this safely.

“It’s really important that the training environment you’re in is something you become acclimated to over time,” Jacob Rivera said. 

Also, he says pay attention to the heat index. 

“It’s really crucial that the higher that is, the more the work to rest ratio must be equal,” Rivera said. 

When you’re dealing with triple digit temperatures you only want to be working out outside for about five to 10 minutes at a time. 

“If we’re outside for five minutes, we’ll come inside and hydrate in between sessions,” Rivera said.  

Performance dietitians recommend drinking 10% of your body weight in ounces about an hour before a workout. 

“Then during a workout it’s very important to try and have about 4-8 oz of fluid every 20 minutes,” Gabbie Ricky said. 

In terms of nutrition, Ricky recommends eating a light carb like a banana, apple slices or toast 30-60 minutes before a workout and then after try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables after for recovery. All of this can help prevent heat related illnesses.

“With this weather, if you don’t have the right hydration or nutrition you can’t perform at the highest level,” Bruhn said.

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