‘Trans-Korean’ influencer Oli London to pay for surgery to make their partner look like BTS’ Jimin

Plastic surgery fanatic and K-pop superfan Oli London, 32, is paying for their partner’s surgeries so they can also look like BTS member Jimin.

London, who identifies as non-binary, married Danny Richardson, 19, in a plastic-surgery-themed wedding in London, U.K., last month after “divorcing” a cardboard cutout of Jimin six months prior.

The British influencer says Richardson, who is an adult film actor, is just as infatuated with Jimin as they are, adding that the newlyweds will be flying to South Korea together in the coming months to undergo more surgery.

“At first I was looking for an actual Korean, but that didn’t work out so I married Danny instead,” London previously confessed.

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The influencer has undergone 32 surgeries so far and is currently in the process of transitioning to become a “Korean” woman.

In a Channel 4 documentary they featured in earlier this year, London defended their “transracial” identity, claiming “I’m Korean, people need to accept that.”

At 20 cosmetic procedures, it was estimated that the 32-year-old had spent approximately $250,000 to appear “fully Korean,” including an eye lift, nose job, chin filler, jaw filler, lip filler and Botox near the eyes.

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In a video released Aug. 1, titled “My Wedding to a JIMIN Lookalike + I’m having a Korean BABY,” London announced that the couple was going to try to have a Korean baby by requesting “Korean eggs” and a “Korean surrogate.”

Featured Image via Oli London

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