Trash can worker’s trash examined after ‘calling family scary’ in early morning tirade

A woman has reported a rogue bucket worker to the council after launching an ugly mouthful of tirade after discovering she had put some items in the wrong trash can.

He is said to have shouted ‘foam f ****** p ****’ at the woman’s house after looking into her blue trash can on the day of pickup.

Charlotte Wallace worked unexpectedly from home one morning when she claims to have heard the council employee trash her family.

Charlotte claims to have caught the man in the mouth on her family’s CCTV, which she has now sent to the council along with a formal complaint about the treatment she received.

This week, the local authority issued an apology to Charlotte, claiming it was investigating the incident, according to StokeonTrent Live.

However, Stoke-on-Trent City Council stopped telling her what would happen once the investigation was completed.

Charlotte explained the embarrassment it gave her when the worker opened fire.

“Normally I would not be home at that time because I wanted to be at work,” she said.

“I heard him shout ‘scary f ****** p ****’ up by my house, and then go to his partner and say ‘foam f ****** b ******* ‘. Our CCTV camera was able to capture some of it.

‘It was just an exaggerated reaction to a couple of potato peels. All he had to do was leave a note saying they could not empty the trash.

Charlotte Wallace claims she heard the garbage man shout “scary f ****** p ****” in her house

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“But he shouted in the street so that everyone could hear, just like all passers-by or my neighbors. Anyone who heard him would wonder what the problem is.

“I complained to the council about this and they said they would investigate it but they will not be able to tell me if they are actually doing anything. In the meantime I will be left with a full rubbish bin until the next collection day. They suggested that I use a cardboard box for my recycling, but it will not last very long in this weather. “

A spokesman for Stoke-on-Trent City Council confirmed that the incident was being investigated.

He said: “We thank Charlotte Wallace for raising this. Our binmen and all council staff work to very high standards and we expect no less from all staff. We take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding this allegation and would like to apologize to Mrs Wallace for any distress she may have experienced. “


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