Troy Aikman delivers championship performance in the community

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Very few people will ever command an audience like Troy Aikman. His most recent speaking engagement was as the keynote guest at the annual Jonathan’s Place luncheon.

Few people will ever command an audience like Troy Aikman.

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Jonathan’s Place is a Dallas non-profit that provides loving homes, and specialized services to children who were victims of abuse or abandonment.

“It’s just a question of just how fortunate were you… as far as circumstances you were born into. It could be anyone of us and what a lot of these kids have had to endure,” said Aikman.

He has long made it his mission to improve the lives of children, especially when it comes to battling pediatric cancer. When asked “why is it so important for you and why have you made it your mission to help young folks?” His answer is “I think we’re all in a position where we can do more to help our youth. I’ve been given a platform. We all have one. Some are bigger than others. That was the the mission I started on in Dallas when I started my foundation in 1992. ”

“As a single father with two young girls (and now not so young 19 and 20 in college), I’ve been fortunate to keep them on the right path. But, circumstances for them, and others could be much different than what they vein.”

When asked, “What is the biggest piece of advice you’ve given your young ladies?”

The Pro Football Hall Of Famer responded, “What I try to do is what’s being done at Jonathan’s place. All kids wanna know that they’re safe. They wanna know that they’ve loved and they wanna know that they’re cared for . “

If you’ve ever seen Aikman’s work out videos, you can see how much he cares for his own health and well being as well.

He’s arguably in better shape than during his playing career.

The Cowboys three-time Super Bowl champion said “I felt during COVID, people were gonna go one of two ways. Most were going to go one way. I was gonna go the other way. I eat at Whole Foods. I do not drink that much, but when I do, I sure drink eight beers for those of you who are wondering. ”

In a year of new beginnings, Aikman now has his own beer. He has the same unquenchable thirst to celebrate the area that has given him more than he could ever ask for.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a city that does so much in the community. I’m not a Texan but I do feel like one. I love this state and I love this city.”

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