Trump will make election demands to downtown Arizona

Former President TrumpDonald Trump The fate of the 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted in favor of Trump’s decision to honor Capitol workers on Jan. 6 would have been voted down by Hawley, the senator says Trump should gather supporters in Texas MORE will talk about the one-year anniversary of the attack on the Capitol on January 6 at a campaign rally in Arizona on Saturday, setting the tone for his wing of the GOP to enter the midterm cycle.

Issues of electoral security and the election result in 2022 are likely to come to the forefront, while his democratic enemies dig into the issue of suffrage.

Democrats and former presidential critics predict he will continue to spread his unsubstantiated claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him, while the House of Representatives committee on January 6 is on a high.

Trump was originally scheduled to hold a press conference in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Fla., As a counter-programming for a planned prayer service at the Capitol to celebrate the events of Jan. 6, but canceled it, saying he would touch instead. about many of the topics he had planned to discuss at the press conference during the convention in Arizona.

The choice of Arizona as the venue also fits the theme of Trump’s persistent and baseless allegations about the last presidential election. Trump narrowly lost to Arizona President BidenJoe BidenHouse Democratic campaign arms raise GOP counterpart in last quarter of 2021 Putin’s ‘Brezhnev doctrine’ involving Ukraine could backfire Rising inflation adds pain to student loan debt MORE in 2020. The state’s GOP-controlled Senate ordered a review of the results in Maricopa County in the wake of the 2020 election, which found that Biden won the county by a larger margin than the final certified results showed.

“The problem for Trump is that he’s going to be in Arizona, which he lost, so he’s going to spend all his time complaining,” Republican strategist Keith Naughton said.

“If there’s one thing we know about Trump, the only thing he likes more than winning is being a victim,” he continued.

The rally will also give Trump ample opportunity to hit Biden, who is struggling with the corona crisis, escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine and difficulties in sending the right to vote through the Senate.

“I can not imagine at this point that things are going worse for the Democrats,” Naughton said.

Naughton warned, however, that Trump could probably deviate from more material issues, such as national security.

“I think he’s going to spend most of his time complaining about the election, complaining Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell Dealers report progress towards 2022 spending deal. Sinema rejects hopes of filibuster reform Graham says McConnell must make amends with Trump to become Republican leader MORE and Mike RoundsMike RoundsFeds Brainard faces GOP’s pressure on climate change., and essentially step over what should be the perfect message, which should be the perfect message that goes after Biden on these national security grounds and the hypocrisy of Democrats, ”Naughton said.

Other Republican strategists argue that the issue of electoral security and integrity is still at the forefront of Republican primary voters, especially Trump’s base.

“Voter integrity is a big issue within the Republican grassroots, and there are a lot of Republicans who are somehow out of touch with how many Republicans are doing with the 2020 election,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

“Republicans, by and large, feel that the 2020 election was fraught with problems and that these issues are not being addressed by Republicans in elected offices, not just in Arizona, but across the country,” he continued.

Trump came with news this week after he attacked Senator Mike Rounds (RS.D.) for saying in a Sunday interview that the 2020 election was fair.

“Is he crazy or just stupid? The numbers are crucial, and the fraudulent and irregular voices are massive,” Trump said in a statement Monday.

Trump’s first midterm rally is also coming, while the Republican Senate’s primary field in Arizona is heating up. Republican Jim Lamon has taken into account Trump and his base and supported a series of lawsuits challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election. Lamon also called for the House committee to be closed in an op-ed on January 6 last week.

Meanwhile, a super-PAC backing GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters, Saving Arizona PAC, rolled out an ad last year that hit state attorney Mark Brnovich (R), who is also running in the primary, for not proclaiming Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud enough . In September, Brnovich requested documents from both the state Senate and Maricopa County officials, after the audit found that Biden won Maricopa County in 2020.

On top of that, there has been speculation that Gov. Doug DuceyDoug DuceyTreasury threatens to recover COVID-19 funds due to Arizona school protection rules. Discrimination case haunts Democrats in Arizona gubernatorial contest Conservative group targets Tests, Sinema, Kelly MORE (R), which is time-limited, may be considering jumping into the crowded primary election. Ducey earned Trump’s anger in 2020 when he and Brnovich sat down with Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs as she confirmed the 2020 election result.

In an interview with NPR on Thursday, Trump criticized the Arizona Republicans who accepted the 2020 election result as “RINOs,” an acronym for “Republicans only in name.” He did not mention Ducey or Brnovich by name.

Democrats in Arizona and Washington, DC, say they are very aware of the internal party politics that are unfolding between Trump and the state’s primary election in the GOP Senate.

“Trump is wreaking havoc in Senate GOP primaries across the map – he exalts deeply flawed GOP candidates, escalates Republican fights and forces their candidates to attack each other over who can suck Trump the most,” a spokesman for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Jazmin Vargas.

Republicans, on the other hand, say Trump’s visit to Arizona will only serve to help the party in what is expected to be a controversial Senate race.

“He wants to focus on the Battle of Arizona, just as he wants to focus on the Battle of Georgia and the Battle of Florida,” O’Connell said. “If the Republicans want to take the Senate, they have to win in Arizona.”


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