Tucker Carlson Promotes Testicle Tanning in New Documentary, Appears to Not Be Joking

Tucker Carlson is known for many things:

Supporting Vladimir Putin. Lying about COVID-19 vaccines. Doing damage to Democracy with every broadcast.

But not for humor.

Even the most ardent Fox News viewer would never venture to call Tucker Carlson funny, you know?

For this reason, it’s safe to assume the conservative host is dead serious in the preview for Season 2 of Tucker Carlson Originals, which will feature one episode titled “The End of Men.”

The special, teased in a video on this page, opens with a montage of men doing very manly stuff.

You know… wrestling, milking cows, chopping wood, firing guns. Very manly stuff.

About 10 seconds in, the camera pans up from a dark pool of water to a naked man standing on a rock formation of some sort — with a machine shining a bright red laser on his groin.

carlson men 3

Focusing on the “total collapse of testosterone levels in American men,” Carlson and his guest (so-called “fitness professional” Andrew McGovern) then delve into something called testicle tanning.

Take iit away, McGovern!

“If you want to optimize and take it to another level, expose yourself to red light therapy,” this random person says on air.

“It’s testicle tanning, but it’s also full-body red-light therapy, which has a massive amount of benefits. And there’s so much data out there that isn’t being picked up or covered.”

carlson men

“So obviously half the viewers are now like, ‘What, testicle tanning? That’s crazy,’” Carlson says in response McGovern, adding:

“But my view is, okay, testosterone levels have crashed and nobody says anything about it. That’s crazy. So why is it crazy to seek solutions?”

“It’s not crazy to seek solutions,” McGovern replied, telling Carlson that he had recently been “exposed” to the term “bromeopathy.”

Sounds totally real, effective and like something that will change America for the better.

carlson men 2

“Once a society collapses then, you’re in hard times,” a man with a British accent also says in a voiceover from the preview.

“Well, hard iron sharpens iron as they say, and those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive.

“They go on to reestablish order, and so the cycle begins again.”

The trailer sparked a flood of responses, with some expressing shock that it was not satire and others suggesting it could serve as an ad for gay dating app Grindr.

mark harris tweet

“This is actually real. Evidently he likes men without shirts, which may explain the Putin obsession,” Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger wrote on Twitter.

It’s true.

Prepare yourselves.. Watch the footage here. And decide what you think for yourself.

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