Two Samsung Galaxy A series phones getting Android 12 updates (One UI 4.1 included)

Samsung has had a good run rolling out Android 12 update for a plethora of smartphones and tablets, old and new. The good news is the South Korean giant does not seem to slow down, so the Android 12 updates will probably keep coming as long as there are devices eligible for these.

Today, it looks like not one, but two Samsung smartphones are getting the highly-anticipated Android 12 update, the Galaxy A32 5G and the Galaxy A71 (non-5G version). As reported by XDA Developers, these updates include the One UI 4.1, the latest version of Samsung’s UI, as well as the March security patch.

The catch is the update is only rolling out in select regions, so it might take a while to get it if you’re not living in one of these countries. That being said, if you have the Galaxy A71 4G and live in Hong Kong, chances are that you’ll be getting the Android 12 update with One UI 4.1 very soon.

On the other hand, if you’re rocking a Galaxy A32 5G as your daily driver and live in Poland, Russia, and Panama, then you’ll most likely get the update in the coming days. If nothing bad gets reported about these updates, we might see them available in more countries over the next couple of weeks.

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