Ukrainian soldier saved from bullet by smartphone in his pocket

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We’ve all heard those stories of soldiers being saved from bullets by Bibles and coins in their pockets.

Many of these items have been kept in the family and passed down through generations as a reminder of their forefather’s brush with death.

Mobile phones often get a bad rap for their impact on our social lives and attention spans, but this Ukrainian soldier could end up keeping his as a precious heirloom that saved his life.

A viral video shows the stunned fighter pulling out the phone from his pocket and passing it to his teammate as they take cover.

The clip shows a bullet lodged into the case of the phone with a jagged piece of metal sticking out.

It is thought the round was a 7.62x39mm bullet fired by Russian forces, but it is not clear what type of phone the soldier had on him.

Many people online joked about the legendary indestructibility of old-school Nokia phones.

This soldier can hardly believe his luck as he pulls his smartphone from his pocket (Picture: Twitter @ TpyxaNews)

Pocketed smartphone saves Ukrainian soldier from bullet destined for him Credit Twitter @TpyxaNews

An old-school Nokia probably would have sent the bullet back towards enemy lines (Picture: Twitter / @ TpyxaNews)

No logos are shown, but most people seemed to think the soldier was saved by a Samsung model.

Suggesting that the bullet may have ricocheted off something before hitting the fighter, one Reddit user said: ‘There’s no way that a smartphone + a thin layer of steel can stop a direct hit from 7.62x39mm at typical firefight range.

‘Visibly thumbled bullet supports this claim. Still lucky though. Even a significantly slowed down tumbling bullet can wreak havoc. ‘

Another added: ‘Such a lucky fluke that can change the future, never loose [sic] that phone.

‘I have a British half penny that saved my great grandfather’s life from a sniper, without that penny in his pocket I would not be typing now.’

It comes as Russia begins its anticipated offensive to capture the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s forces are now focusing their attention on annexing this area, having failed to conquer Kyiv as many thought they would.

The UK is to send Stormer armored missile launchers to Ukraine to help them take out Russian jets, helicopters and drones.

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