Video shows gunmen hanging out of car window while shooting at paramedics in ambulance

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dramatic video shows what looks like a scene out of a movie: two paramedics duck as shots are fired just feet in front of their ambulance. 

The intense video was taken in Chicago’s Jackson Park neighborhood. The incident happened a few weeks ago, but what played out is the repeated illustration of the recklessness and disregard for life from the many who carry illegal guns. 

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, gunshots came from shooters hanging out of the back window of a sedan driving near 67th and South Shore. 

Those rounds went off right in front of the two employees for Med Express Ambulance on Sept. 21. The camera in the ambulance camptured the fear of the workers. It also shows there were other drivers near the park that day. 

The right side of the video shows that by the lagoon bullets few by someone on a bike. Video shows the person down on the ground by a light pole. 

Then the EMTs realize someone could be injured. 

They make a U-turn and jump into action to help the biker, despite their very close call with the gunmen themselves. 

CBS 2 has learned the person on that bike was not hit by bullets and instead hit the ground to avoid getting shot. 

While this video shows the fear of those in the ambulance, it also highlights the uphill battle of police to get guns off the street. 

Those in the black Infiniti were not caught.