Warning about ‘car explosion stunt’ taking place in the city center tonight

Residents and visitors are being warned to expect an explosion in the city center tonight as part of the filming for a TV series.

Crews will work in the Castlefield area from 6 p.m. 5pm to 11pm Wednesday night, confirms a letter from production company Dancing Ledge.

The footage is for a series commissioned by Disney + called ‘Wedding Seasons’.

The series has been in production since August and has also taken place in Scotland, London and Las Vegas.

Greater Manchester police and firefighters are expected to be at the scene of the scenes recorded tonight.

The location is located behind Barca Bar.

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Residents’ letter adds: “The scenes we are filming involve a car explosion stunt, so please do not worry if the area seems a little busier than usual.

“To facilitate the filming, we need our technical vehicles for camera, light and power to be as close to the site as possible.”

The location is behind the Barca bar in Castlefield

“We have plans to park our vehicles at Duke Place, Duke Street and BeaufortStreet.

“We are aware that we are visitors to the area and that filming would not be possible without your cooperation and any assistance you can offer.

“We work closely with Screen Manchester (the Manchester Film Office) and the relevant departments of the Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police to inform them of our film intentions and obtain the necessary approvals.

“We want a member of the locations and the security team present during the filming to ensure the safety and smooth running of the filming.

“If you have any concerns on the day of admission, do not hesitate to find one of the team on site.”

Castlefield has previously been used to film Peaky Blinders

According to Hollywood news media Deadline, ‘Wedding Season’ stars Rosa Salazar and is considered a ‘rom-com action thriller’.

“Salazar will star as Katie, a gorgeous bride we meet on her wedding day surrounded by the dead bodies of her new husband and every member of his family,” Deadline reports.

“Police think her lover Stefan did it. Stefan thinks Katie did it. Katie thinks her ex-husband did it. And no one knows for sure what the truth is.”

This is not the first time Castlefield has been chosen as the backdrop for TV and film production.

Earlier this year, Cilian Murphy and the actors from Peaky Blinders returned to the city for the sixth series of the hit show.


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