Washington Post team wins South Asian Journalists biz reporting award

Technology policy reporter Cat Zakrzewski, technology reporter Gerrit De Vynck, India-based correspondent Niha Masih and foreign correspondent Shibani Mahtani of The Washington Post were recognized by The South Asian Journalists Association for best Business Reporting for their 2021 Facebook Under Fire piece.

The work was scored and selected by panels of independent judges as the 2022 Business Reporting winner.

The piece was a part of The Post’s Facebook Paper series, which was published after a set of internal documents from Facebook were provided to Congress in redacted form from a Facebook whistleblower.

Using the documents, the series revealed that the social media giant has privately and meticulously tracked real-world harms exacerbated by its platforms, ignored warmings from its employees about the risks of their design decisions and exposed vulnerable communities around the world to a cocktail of dangerous content.

The series also featured interviews with dozens of current and former employees.